The football stadium named after a kind of fish

El Sardinero is a football stadium located in Santander, Spain. It is the home stadium of Racing de Santander. The platform is your betting website in Pakistan, and you can use it to wager on Spanish football teams too. The stadium has a capacity of 22,222 seats and it was opened in 1988. For many years this team was part of the Spanish La Liga, however, from the 2010s onwards it was forced to play in lower divisions.

The stadium’s name “El Sardinero” comes from its location in the Sardinero neighborhood of Santander. The neighborhood was known for its beaches and was a popular destination for tourists and locals, especially during the summer season. The Sardinero beach became a reference point in the city and was the inspiration for naming the stadium. Right now your betting website is 1xBet Pakistan, in which you can always wager on all matches played in the best Spanish football venues.

By the way, the name El Sardinero comes from the Spanish word Sardina, which means Sardine in English. This name comes from the fact that the Sardinero beach used to be a place where fishermen fished lots of sardines.

Replacing an older stadium

El Sardinero was built to replace Racing’s former stadium, Campos de Sport El Sardinero, which was located nearby and had been the club’s home since 1913. You can now sign up to 1xBet – profitable live sports betting can also be made on Racing de Santander here.

The then-new stadium was officially opened on October 9, 1988, with a friendly match between Racing and Atlético Madrid. Throughout its history, El Sardinero has been the site of many important matches. They have hosted different competitions and teams, such as:

  • matches from the Spanish La Liga;
  • contests from lower Spanish divisions;
  • and even some friendlies played by the Spanish national side.

Punters can make profitable live sports betting at the 1xBet website on all matches played by the Spanish team too.

A great atmosphere

The stadium has undergone several renovations throughout its history in order to improve the facilities and increase the capacity. The most recent renovation was in 2019, which included the improvement of the lighting and sound systems, and the installation of new seats. Feel free to visit the bet online casino with, which can be done before the next Racing game.

El Sardinero is known for its passionate and enthusiastic atmosphere during matches. The stadium has a distinctive design, with a semicircular shape and a large roof that covers the stands. It has a modern design and offers great visibility from all seats. Deciding to bet with the 1xBet online casino can be quite good, and it can be done while waiting for Spanish football.

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