The Fascinating Potential of a 6 Monitor Setup

Have you ever wondered what you can achieve with a 6 monitor setup? Apart from having all that extra space to work on, the computer you need to power 6 monitors has that much more power and speed. Visit this website to give you an idea of some of the best on the market today and yet, reasonably priced for what they offer in terms of efficiency and reliability. 

The Potential of Having a 6 Monitor Setup 

Like everything, the potential of a 6 monitor setup lies in how you use it and how you make it work for you. Everyone is different and you’ll know your ideal layout to optimize your workflow. Nevertheless, there are some common advantages that people benefit from, as detailed below: 

  • Productivity increases
  • Communication improves
  • Enhanced video and photo editing 
  • Greater comfort 

Productivity increases

Many studies now show that your productivity can improve by anywhere from 20% to 50% if you use a 6 monitor setup. Actually, whether you need two, three or 6 monitors to maximize your productivity depends on what you do and how you use your screens. 

You’ll soon find that there’s a fine line between being productive and getting distracted. After all, there’s a lot of information potentially coming at you from so many monitors. For this reason, people often start with two monitors and build up from there. Having said that, you can simply plan ahead. You should easily be able to work out what each of your 6 monitors is going to be used for according to your workflow. For example, you could separate out email, news sources, chat programs, graphics, slides and videos onto 6 monitors. Other professionals have many different data points to constantly update and compare so 6 monitors can be vital for them.

Communication improves

With better quality video conferencing and an easier way to spread out all your different chat and team platforms, people are more likely to reach out to each other. With a 6 monitor setup, it’s also so much simpler to have your video conference on one monitor while you all work on your shared screen on another monitor. The easier you make the tools then the more likely people will actually use them. They’ll even enjoy using them and connect more often. 

Enhanced video and photo editing 

Thanks to your powerful graphics card, you’ll enjoy higher quality images. Then again, the extra space of a 6 monitor setup means that you can spread out your different video and photo files. This makes for easier editing. 

Greater Comfort 

Let’s not forget the luxury of not having to flick between screens anymore or even forgetting on which window you just read that piece of news. Everything is now clearly laid out in front of you across your multi monitor setup. Although, you’ll need to make sure that the height is just right so that you don’t over strain your eyes or arms and shoulders as you reach for the keyboard. 

The right Equipment for your 6 Monitor Setup

Now that you know what a multi monitor setup can do for you, it’s worth noting the technical criteria that you’ll need to look out for, as detailed below, regardless of whether you’re a Mac or Windows 10 user:  

  • Processing Power 
  • Memory
  • Video card and Graphics Processing Power 

Processing Power 

Naturally, you’ll need a device that can cope with the extra work that multiple monitors demand. Most computers use Intel or AMD processors and you’ll often see them specified according to the number of cores they have. These essentially allow the computer to multi-task by separating out work across its cores. Regardless, you can expect to need a CPU of around 3.6GHz or higher. 


Most people have heard of RAM these days. As an example, some are quite happy with 8GB although 16GB and even 32GB are preferable. This will also allow you to have even more programs open at the same time without everything crashing on you. 

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Video card and Graphics Processing Power 

One of the most important components of any 6 monitor setup is a graphics card. Most devices have integrated graphics cards although many avid gamers and traders choose to install an external video card. These are often bought from brands such as Radeon or NVIDIA for top of the range.

Final Recommendations for a 6 Monitor Setup

The potential of your multi monitor setup really depends on you. It’s all about how you run it and what you want to use it for. Perhaps you want to focus on improving your productivity at work? Then again, don’t forget that your system doubles up as an entertainment and gaming machine. This is all thanks to your high-tech graphics cards. Whatever you need, have a play around and test things out. You’ll soon discover just how awesome having multiple monitors really is. Continue for more information about this topic. 

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