The best sports betting app for android users

With the easy accessibility of mobile phones, many people are embracing online gaming more than the traditional casinos. There is thus a need to find apps that resonate with your devices as explored below. 


Unibet is a popular online betting app with its fan base primarily in Europe. The app has a diversified portfolio that focuses on offering European sports. It is functional on several devices, and the interface works elegantly and is user-friendly. This makes it easy to navigate around.

In addition to offering functions like live streaming and live betting, the app has enormous reward packages for new gamers and existing clients. There also are sign-up cash backs, risk-free bet bonuses, and fifty percent cash winnings on parlays.

The bets are tailored to specific games and sometimes according to region. For example, if you are in the US, you are eligible for promotions depending on your state. One of the best perks of this app is the number of games and sports offered. You can find everything here.


Fox Bet is a new sports betting platform operating in Colorado, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. It offers a wide array of games and live betting options.

Coupled with an excellent interface, the app has odds for almost any event. Remarkably, proposition bets with tremendous odds offer a big boost at cash out. 

It has spectacular rewards like the $500 free bet offered to a player upon signing up. Betting on Fox Bet is also cheaper, making it easy for players from all walks of the game. You can place a wager as low as $10.

It has a top-notch security system, where you are guaranteed safe and secure withdrawals and deposits. As the app is legal, you are assured of user privacy and have limited chances of having your details compromised.

Points bet

It is a fast-growing online betting app found in Iowa, New Jersey, Colorado, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Virginia, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

It specializes in the most significant leagues and sports and has numerous betting options like parlays and live bets. The interface is unique and fast-paced, thus enabling bettors to move around the app swiftly.

There are various betting options, huge rewards and bonuses, quick and secure withdrawals, and deposit options, thus ranking the app as one of the best for android users.

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