The Best Places to Buy Custom Diamond Rings

Jann Paul Diamonds

Long-running jeweler Jann Paul Diamonds offers customizable rings in an elegant space. The jeweler specializes in diamonds, and you can even design your own ring! The staff is extremely friendly and helpful. Their prices are reasonable, too. For the most part, they will customize your ring to fit your budget.

Customers at JannPaul say that the staff are very friendly and helpful. While they are not cheap, they are still a step up from traditional brick-and-mortar jewellers. They are also different from the big names in the diamond industry because they do not inflate prices or resort to questionable techniques to get their customers to purchase something they are not happy with.

The company offers custom engagement rings and wedding rings at affordable prices. The company also offers complimentary ring personalisation and a lifetime guarantee. Additionally, they feature live video tutorials by diamond experts. Their approach is based on the belief that transparency is crucial in the jewelry industry, and educating consumers is a key part of the mission.

LivLov Fine Jewellery

Whether you’re looking for a bespoke wedding band or a unique engagement ring, LivLov Fine Jewellery can help. Its team of jewellers uses traditional silversmithing techniques to create pieces that evoke sentiment and commemorate a lifetime of special moments. You can also arrange a studio appointment to learn more about gemstones and the creation process. However, be prepared to wait four months or more for your bespoke piece.

A custom diamond ring can be an elegant way to express your love for one another, so it’s important to choose carefully. LivLov Fine Jewellery can create a bespoke piece to suit your budget and style. The company offers a range of gemstone and diamond rings, from classic to contemporary.

Diamonds Direct – The team at this jewellery store has over 20 years of experience in fine jewellery design. This means that they know how to maximize the brilliance of each diamond. They also carefully source their diamonds from reputed suppliers. Customers can choose the shape, clarity, carat size, and other options from the website. They also offer a 30-day exchange policy, and a money-back guarantee.

SK Jewellery

Whether you’re looking for a wedding ring, engagement ring, or simply an anniversary gift for someone special, you can find it at SK Jewellery Singapore. This local jeweller is able to create any piece of jewelry, and you can choose the type of diamond, setting, engraving, and more. The company is also able to perform a wide range of restoration services. You can browse through their website to learn more about what they have to offer. SK Jewellery’s website has bright red tones, vibrant pictures, and different featured collections.

SK Jewellery is one of the largest jewellery retail chains in Singapore and is committed to design and innovation. Its AllStar Diamond collection is evidence of this commitment to pushing boundaries and offering customers the finest quality and design. The company’s custom diamond rings Singapore are a perfect choice for an engagement ring or wedding ring.

The diamond’s colour grade describes the clarity of the diamond, while its carat weight describes its mass in metric carats. The higher the carat weight, the rarer the diamond and the greater its price.

Natalie Marie Jewellery

Fine jewelry designer Stephanie Gottlieb created the Fine Jewelry Collection and Bridal Concierge Service in 2013. Her intention was to make diamond buying more accessible and seamless. The company now sells fine jewelry and accessories online and from a showroom in New York City. For a personalized service, you can call the New York City showroom or visit the website.

A custom-designed engagement ring will be the most meaningful gift that you can give your beloved. Each ring is designed and handcrafted with great care and consideration. In addition to custom-made engagement rings, Natalie Marie also offers unique bespoke pieces. The brand offers a wide selection of bespoke diamond engagement rings, wedding bands, and other precious gems.


The Forevermark label indicates diamonds that have been sourced responsibly. These diamonds are rare and one of a kind. Only 1% of all diamonds are marked with this certification. Aside from custom-designed diamond rings, you can also find vintage, art deco, and Victorian-era rings.