The 5 best Nintendo DS ROM games of 2022

Nintendo handheld consoles are popular among those who like to mod games, because they are easy to access and the games tend to be less complex than others.

The DS’s secondscreen, which is also a touchscreen, gives the console an advantage over itscompetitors. The second screen is often used for maps, menus or other quality of life improvements that make DS games superior to versions of the same game on other consoles.

The DS provides programmers with opportunities to create ROMs that take advantage of the second screen – which is also a touchscreen. This allows for upgrades, improvements or even revamps of a game’s usual structure or appearance.

There are still a lot of great RPGs and Pokémon games available, even though there may be less than on the GBA – possibly due to the added complexity of dealing with that second screen. But which ones are the best? We at Retro Dodo Towers have come up with a list of our favorites.

In our never-ending journey to discover the best Nintendo DS ROMS, we have come across some amazing dual screen action. And if you can’t find the original console, don’t worry – emulators are always an option! You can download these ROMS games at Techtoroms.

Rhythm Heaven Touchless (2018)

Rhythm Heaven is a quirky, touch-screen rhythm action game that’s the first in its series to make it out of Japan. The game has fifty different levels and games that utilize the touchscreen.

Exhausted from too much touchscreen use? This ROM will save you from carpal tunnel and the need to use a touchscreen at all.

ROMs that utilize buttons rather than touch controls exist for various DS titles; it’s incredible how a game can become much more playable with this one, simple change to more traditional controls. Even though touch controls may appear to be more natural, button-control ROMs prove otherwise.

The addition of traditional control schemes to games like The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass and The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks is something that Nintendo should have done themselves, rather than tacking on a touch-based control scheme that doesn’t necessarily fit the gameplay experience.

Custom Robo Arena Redux (2018)

The Redux mod for Custom Robo Arena makes the action roleplaying game simpler, faster-paced, and more balanced. These changes improve the game overall and make it more replayable.

The regular game has robot parts that players can’t access until they progress further into the game, but with this mod, those same parts are available right from the start. There are also stronger models of robots available earlier on as well, for a price ( unless you wait till later in the story to buy them!).

A variety of new weapons have been added and existing ones retooled to make them more balanced or easier to use; it’s plain that a lot of care has gone into making Custom Robo Arena as enjoyable as possible, without completely revamping the already solid game.

Many ROMs keep the original game but add so much new content that the game feels entirely different. Custom Robo Arena, however, improves upon the original without straying too far from what made the game great in the first place.

Mega Man Star Force DX (2021)

Though this mod of Mega Man title Mega Man: Star Force originally only fixed touchscreen controls so that they could be carried out with buttons, it actually adds a lot more content to the game.

TheWestern release has restored cut content, added a new difficulty mode, and even added side quests with the ability to take on multiple quests simultaneously.

Not only that, but there are also several small quality of life improvements included which make playing the game much more enjoyable.

Mega Man Star Force flopped when it first came out, and fans have hardly remembered the game series since. If this mod had been part of the game from its release though, maybe things would’ve turned out different.

This is just one more example of how creative modders can breath new life into games that might not have the best reputation or a very large fan base to start with.

DQ5 DS: Monster Trainer v1.0 (2012)

By accentuating the monster-training mechanics of Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride, this mod makes it more enjoyable for players who want to easily recruitauxiliaries with little effort. Although most changes are subtle, it lightens upthe overall grind so players can focus on using their favourite characters more.

A few other small changes to the core experience, allow monsters logically use equipment that more fits their personalities and abilities

Many people today still praise Dragon Quest V for its success back when it was released and how it is still a great game. However, this mod takes that one step further byukilling everything about the original monster taming mechanicsDragon Quest V introduced – making it even more fun to play.

Even though it’s nearly ten years old, this is definitely one of the best Nintendo DS ROMs. It’s a great example of how a ROM can change an already-great game in subtle ways that don’t have to be completely transformative. By offering something different, the game can feel new again.

Pokémon Moon Black 2 (2020)

There are a great many Pokémon ROMs available for DS; the popularity of the series means that it attracts the attention of modders from all corners.

It’s difficult to determine the best ROM out there, but Pokémon Moon Black 2 is most definitely one of the most comprehensive ones available.

The additions to the base game are amazing and it’s a mod of Pokémon black 2. The work of a small team enthusiasts made this possible and resulted in one of the best DS RPGS.

There’s a new interface, title screen, gym leaders, Pokémon, Unova Forms and Alola Forms, rivals, New Gym Leaders, Mega Evolutions – even an entirely new Pokémon World Tournament!

There is even more content than what is advertised, and it provides an amazing new experience for players. The game itself feels entirely new, but it does have Pokémon Black as its foundation.

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