Tennis games and betting are wildly popular among punters around the world. This is mainly because all through the year, there is always a tournament being played. Tennis betting presents some profitable opportunities if predicted well. One of the reasons tennis is considered easy to bet on is because the governing body has made public a lot of data and metrics. This makes it possible for one to analyze the provided data and gauge where their bets will lie. We have provided for you some factors you can consider before placing any tennis bet to ensure maximum profits from the given odds.

Fitness of the player

Tennis players are prone to injuries. It would help your betting if you viewed their past two games and assess whether they encountered any serious injuries that might impact their game. At the start of the year or tournament, the players are always healthy and very strong but as the matches progress, they pick up injuries. It is important to check the player’s calendar too to establish whether they have been playing on any game previously that might have exhausted them.

Field and playing condition

Another major thing you should consider is the field the players are playing on. Some are good at clay others at hard while others excel in grass court. Knowing the strength of the player and the type of court they will be playing at will improve your odds of winning the pot you will place. Hardcourt players playing in grass-court are likely to be under their game so their opponent who might be strong at grass court can win. Betting on the player who is stronger and has the upper hand of winning is the sure way to getting the Jackpot.

Leftie, right- hand players

Is the player you have eyes on a leftie or a right-handed player. Left-handers present a different challenge that is tricky for the right-handers to handle. You don’t want to bet on a player who is constantly bamboozled by their opponent’s different angles of play. Bet on the player who knows how to work both their hands and can create those amazing ball angles to gain points over their opponent. Such player is set to win and so are you if you bet on them.

The motivation of the player

Never underestimate a player’s motivation in games. What motivates the player you want to bet on? Is it the money, maintaining their ATP ranking, or is it the need to win a championship for their country? Sometimes it’s difficult to ascertain the motivation of a player because they are always changing. But knowing the driving force of a player is critical because a player with motivation will stay at the top of their game to achieve their goal. That player might win.

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