Taking care of your wigs

Wigs are classified into two main categories, which are Synthetic Wigs and Natural hair wigs. When it comes to maintenance and taking care, synthetic wigs are best. But in looks, natural hair wigs are on top. Wigs are being widely used by a large population around the world as the hair loss problem has become very common. Both men and women use it due to its versatility and saving money.

There is a large variety of wigs available in the market right now. You will find almost any type of wig online such as Malaysian virgin hair People but the wigs that that gest destroyed after few uses due to lack of maintenance

Undoubtedly, hair loss problem can be treated using hair surgery which can take thousands of bucks. Everyone cannot afford the prices for hair surgery. On the other hand, wigs are very inexpensive when compared to hair surgery. Moreover using wigs allow you to alter your hairdo anytime with just a snap.

Like natural hairs, wigs also get worse and needs washing and maintenance. There are many things you must know if you have started using wigs. Wigs need washing and maintenance within time. You should following the tips to take care of your wig.

Generally, if you use a wig regularly, it must be washed in two or three days. A lot of dirt and debris can get into hairs in just a day depending on the environment and condition. Use light intensity shampoos; never use the same shampoo you use for your hairs. These wig hairs are very sensitive to any chemicals; even hot water can damage the wig hairs.

It is very important to point to keep in mind that strong shampoos can destroy the shine and look of wig hairs. Always use light conditioner or shampoo when washing your wig whether it’s a natural hair wig or synthetic hair wig. It will better to find a wig hair specific shampoo. Such if you buy a blonde lace frontal closure wig, always buy shampoo for the wig so the shade and color do not wear off.

If we compare washing synthetic and natural hair wigs, artificial hairs are much easier to take care of. The hairs do not get entangled in synthetic hair wigs which are a plus point. For regular users, synthetic wigs are best.

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Keep in mind while washing

  • Brush the hairs before washing, or use your fingers for curly or wavy wigs.
  • Use chilled water for washing.
  • Don’t rub hairs while washing.
  • Dry out your wig completely before keeping it.

Many people do not pay attention to the place they are keeping the wig. The wig should not be placed near something or in some warm room. Heat is the death of a wig. The mild hot water is enough to wear off the shine and shade of your wig. As wigs is not so expensive investment but are also not to be bought every month.

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