Starting As A Freelancer? Free Tools You Must Check Out

As a freelancer, there are lots of things you need to keep in mind, like how to market your services, how to communicate with clients, how to manage your finances and how to efficiently complete your day-to-day tasks. Thanks to the internet, you now have an array of tools that you can use and make your work simpler and more efficient. If you are starting as a freelancer, then you just cannot miss out on these apps meant to help you manage all your activities.


Freelancers either charge their working hours by projects, by the hour or monthly. If you charge by the hour, then this tool can be of much help to you. It handles your invoices for you as well as different projects. The add-ons, different widgets, and apps ensure you can log into the tool from wherever you are. It runs in the background while you are working so that you have an accurate account of how much and how long you have worked so that you can invoice accordingly. The free plan only allows one invoice per month.


There is hardly anyone who has not heard about Skype. Skype allows you to call, video call as well as send messages. This tool is completely free, and you can get in touch with your clients whenever you want just by having strong internet connectivity. However, to make calls to mobiles and landlines, you have to pay a small amount.


PDFs have changed the way we send and share files. PDFSimpli is one such tool that allows you to convert any file format into a PDF version and vice versa in an instant. You can resize PDF with this tool and even add your digital signature. Even when you compress PDF 500kb, the content remains intact. 


This acts like your digital notice book. You can set tasks, mark tasks, set dates, collect data, and store project ideas here. This is a project management tool that every freelancer should make use of. There are ‘cards’ available where you can add deadlines, notes, and even images. 


This is a go-to platform where you can store files up to 2GB. You even get 16GB of free storage when you bring references. You can keep your files organized and synchronized with the help of Dropbox.

Wrapping up, these tools are some of the most important ones that every freelancer should have knowledge about that help you strike a balance and also work efficiently. 

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