Squishies: A powerful anti stress toy! 

Do you have mental health problems or feel too much stress? Stress or mental disorders can harm your life badly. People with mental disorders usually don’t have a way to relieve their stress. But now you can find an easy and healthy way to eat squishies! Squishy is a Japanese toy which is made of silicon and designed in various animals/fruit/characters etc. 

In this content, I’ll share how squishies help to remove stress and other negative energy. So, without further delay let’s get started. 

5 benefits of squishies. 

There are several  benefits to using squishies to manage stress and anxiety. Some of which are:

1) Squishies help reduce stress levels:  No one likes how stress can bring down your mood, cause you to feel tired and even affect your relationships. The good news is that squishies are an excellent way to make yourself happier when feeling low on energy by helping to reduce stress levels .

2) Squishies help relieve anger: People who often fly off the handle may be surprised to learn that squeezing a squishy toy can help to relieve anger. This is because the repetitive motion and pressure help to calm the mind. This can release any anger or frustration that has built up.

3) Squishies improve focus: Having something to focus on can be a great way to improve concentration levels, especially when feeling stressed. Squishies allow you to focus on the pleasant feeling of squeezing and manipulating them in various ways.

4) Squishies give a sense of accomplishment: When we squeeze squishies they pop right back into their original form and it is fascinating how their soft nature makes this possible. This can give a sense of accomplishment, as it feels like you have conquered the toy and this can be very satisfying.

5) Squishies are calming: The act of squeezing a squishy is incredibly calming, especially when done in short bursts. This is due to the repetitive motion. 

How to use squishies for releasing pain. 

Squishies are also useful for releasing pain in the body. It can be used to relieve muscle aches, headaches and other pains you may have experienced. Some ways that squishies can be used to release pain are:

Step 01: Place your squishy under your neck or head while lying down when feeling pain in this area

Step 02: Place the squishy between your knees if you are feeling pain in this area

Step 03: Squish the toy to release tension in your hands and fingers if they are in pain

Step 04: Use a squishy as a hand massage tool by pressing and kneading it to help relieve any tension or pain in the hands. 

So, using a  squishy can help with various issues such as stress, anxiety, anger, pain and more. If you are looking for a way to manage your mental health, then squishies are definitely something you should try!

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