Specific Responsibilities for Assistant Coaches

Statistics tell us that about half of all assistant coaches aspire to be head coaches. The road to becoming a head coach, however, is slippery. Coaching as an assistant lays the foundation for stepping up to the position where the buck stops, the head job. Assistant coaches have many specific responsibilities. When they master those responsibilities, the door may open to becoming a head coach.

Be Loyal

There is a countless modification between being trustworthy and fantasizing to be loyal. Loyalty derives from charm within and being dedicated to serving the institute, the head teacher, and the scheme in the volume in which you are borrowed. The assistant must make every effort to contribute to the staff and to the team, and to be part of the decision-making process. When the head coach or the staff make a decision, even if it is not the decision the assistant coach wanted, the assistant should back the decision 100 percent.

Although being loyal does not require one to take an oath, every assistant coach should be willing to sign a mental pledge card. If you can’t be faithful to an organization, a system, or a skull coach, you should gently look for a residence where you can parade the required faithfulness.

Be Team Minded

To maximize his contribution to a staff, the assistant coach must develop a team mind. In other words, he should think team first. Doing that is not easy because every coach tends to be selfish about the position he is coaching. He wants the best players on his side of the ball. Yes, you should fight for the players that you want. But after the decision is made, even if you didn’t get the player you wanted, you need to refocus with a team mind-set.

Be a Teacher

The best coaches are teachers, and the best teachers are coaches. Through the years I have always been fascinated by the ability of coaches and teachers to communicate their subject matter to their students or athletes. So I asked everyone I met from all walks of life to describe the best teacher they ever had. The descriptions were similar—a teacher who cared, knew the subject matter, expanded on it, kept a disciplined classroom, and taught self-motivation.

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