Some Essential Element’s To Making A Seasonal Dress Style

Even though the business style is becoming more “casual”,, many people dress up as dress items for five days on weekdays a week. There are some dress styles, but the same look every day can give a boring impression to business partners and colleagues at work. To solve such problems, it is effective to incorporate casual arrangements and trends. If you produce a highly sensitive man, the impression from the other party will change naturally. This time, we will introduce such “five keys to create a seasonal dress style” with styling examples!

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Choose colonial color items and finish

As a trend of attention for men’s dress style, “colonial color” that each brand has incorporated into this season’s collection, there are a wide variety of pale colors with a military mood. Still, the combination that can produce a particularly sensitive outfit like this season is “Brown x Olive”. Wrap the olive tie in a soft beige jacket to create a gorgeous and highly sensitive V-zone.

Incorporate a design that brings out a British taste

I think many people want to enjoy light clothing and start incorporating it in the coming season. Since the number of items to wear in such a no-tie style is limited, the difference in a sense depending on the combined items appears clearly. If you want to dress in a stylish atmosphere, it is recommended to pay attention to the combination of “pattern” and “material”. For example, the introduction of a tailored jacket with “Gun Club Check” attracts attention from highly sensitive businessmen in the UK trend? If it is a high-quality jacket of Lardini, it will give you a sense of fashion by itself. A chambray shirt is set on the inner to pick up the jacket’s color to create a sense of unity.

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