Some Easy-To-Find Qualities of Authentic Instagram Followers

Instagram is so much more than a simple photo-sharing app. It’s an amazing social media platform that allows you to engage with your followers. You can also share your brand story, and build an engaged community on IG. That’s why you must select authentic Instagram followers who will be genuinely interested in you. Here’s what makes an authentic follower on Instagram nowadays.

Have A Detailed IG Profile With Well-Written Bio

Your Instagram followers should have a detailed profile. A well-written IG bio, profile picture, and cover photo are the basics of such. Their current location is also important, as it shows you where they’re actually from. The IG location also helps you find other people with similar interests near your area.

Finally, any website links listed under “Website” is an indicator of IG authenticity. That’s because it shows that they want more Instagram business for themselves. They are not just following random people on IG for no reason at all.

True Instagram Followers Are Not Spammy

It’s easy to spot a spammy follower on Instagram. They have a high IG following count and an equally low following count. Sometimes, these IG users don’t even have any followers at all. They might have a profile photo on IG, but mostly stock images are easily found online.

Also, spammy followers on IG aren’t the only ones detected as fake though. There are legitimate ways that you can get your Instagram account flagged as spammy. This is possible if you’re not careful with what you post on IG, or how often.

Their IG followers and the following count look natural

The followers and following counts of authentic IG users should be in a similar range. If someone has 10,000 IG followers but only follows 100 people, something fishy’s going on. On the flip side, if someone has 100k followers yet only follows 20 people, then he or she might not be totally authentic. An IG account with consistent growth over time would be surely authentic. That’s because it indicates organic growth through engagement – and not just by some shady IG tools.

Their IG Posts Are Always Consistent And Engaging

Instagram is a visual platform, so you must post consistently. But don’t underestimate the value of IG quality over quantity. So it’s better to post once a week with engaging IG content. That’s better than posting multiple times on IG but not worth looking at.

The best way to engage your IG followers is by creating high-quality content. These IG contents shall be impressive for others to share with their friends. You can do this by making IG videos (which aren’t limited by character count). You can also do this by posting IG images, sharing stories, or linking them out on relevant websites or articles.

Authentic Instagram Followers Are Easy To Spot – But Hard To Get

In conclusion, you can tell an authentic IG follower by their profile picture, bio, and content. These followers on IG will surely have other accounts with similar interests as yours. So if you want to gain more online presence, get the most authentic IG followers now at!

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