Some Amazing Shoe Racks For Your Living Room

Your wardrobe isn’t complete without a lovely pair of shoes to go with it. Whether it is formal or casual attire, your feet need an appropriate companion to tread in. And so, just like all the outfits tucked into your cupboards, the shoes also need a comfortable space to breathe in at home. A shoe rack not only tick-marks the space allocation part for apt storage but is a brilliant piece of furniture to fit into the interior design aspect of your home.

However, finding the right one can seem a challenge. With so many options in the market, it’s easy to focus on its complete functionality and space allocation without getting lost in the shine and glamour of furniture. Read on about picking the latest shoe rack designs that fit your lifestyle and style.

How To Pick The Right Shoe-Rack

1. Storage

The secret to buying the best shoe rack is to buy one with optimal storage to organise your pairs neatly. The more racks and compartments to store, the easier it is to stow away your shoes. In addition, having drawers can store all things related to caring for shoes- shoe horns, shoe polishes, extra shoe laces, etc.

2. Accessibility and Visibility

Time is precious- especially when you rush through the day to tick off all your chores. The last thing you want is to cramp your shoe options, leaving you to rummage through it all with no time in hand. Cut short your dressing time by picking a shoe rack that is easy to access and has plenty of compartments to give you clear visibility of shoes. The best part is the shoe rack gives a neat and decluttered look to the living room. Make sure that you buy one that gels with the rest of the furniture in the living room.

3. Multi-functional

A smart shoe rack design will include much more than just storage. Brands like Wakefit offer smart solutions to furniture requirements and have a range of shoe racks online that have wide storage space and double as sleek, stylish display stands. Place these in the foyer of your home and greet your friends and family with beautiful ornate pieces on the rack. Keep a minimalist key bowl along with a potted plant on the rack with a large mirror hung above, and bring in positive vibes!

4. Size

Before picking out the latest shoe rack design, it’s very important to measure up your allocated space to ensure it fits just right. In addition, it’s also important to segregate shoes and dispose of any that cannot be used again. This way, you probably do not need a large shoe rack that could stick out like a sore thumb in your welcoming hallway.

5. Quality

Hands up if you are the culprit in spending lots of money on fancy seating arrangements but buy cheap quality shoe racks. Let’s face it. It stores footwear at the end of the day and doesn’t need much maintenance. Wrong! It’s very important to invest in quality footwear racks as these are pieces of furniture that are used on a daily basis (placed in high-traffic zones of the house!).

What’s more, it is an integral part of the entrance of your home. It has to be stylish, in good shape and last long enough. Pick racks that are made from wood for excellent quality and durability.

Different Types Of Shoe Racks

  1. Shoe rack with a bench: These are great for homes that are short on space and multifunction as a seating area to wear your shoes and tuck them away neatly too.
  2. Multi-layer open shoe racks: While these may be an eye sore with all your footwear on display, these can hold a large array of shoes ranging from flip flops, sneakers, boots, heels, and much more!
  3. Step-on wall mount design: It’s trendy, classy, and the perfect DIY hack to create one of the latest shoe rack designs Create a step design with wall mounts to prop your branded stiletto, beloved pure leather loafer, or buckle boots.
  4. Over-the-door shoe rack: Low on space? Display your favourite shoes using a shoe organiser that can simply be hung over any door.
  5. Antique wooden shoe racks: Want to include a hidden shoe storage solution in your living room? Invest in wooden shoe storage for the living room with an antique finish. The grandiosity of design and staining of wood like Sheesham brings a unique personality to any interior theme.
  6. Corner cabinet Industrial theme shoe rack: Get a one-stop-shop industrial-themed shoe rack with hooks for hanging winter coats, bags and other accessories on the top level.

Your shoes deserve as much care as your other belongings. Spend time choosing a durable wooden shoe rack online to invest in a piece that’ll keep your footwear dust-free, breathing, and in shape for many years.

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