Smart TV 55 inch Reviews: TOP 3 products for a space of 20m2

Smart TV 55 inch with moderate size will be suitable for spaces with an area of ​​15 – 20m2, creating a sense of balance and harmony for the space. If you are wondering which product to choose, let’s take a look at our Smart TV 55 inch Reviews below:

1. Google TV Sony 4K 55 inch KD – 55X75K

Smart TV Sony 4K 55 inch KD – 55X75K is a great product in the low-cost segment. The TV model has an elegant, minimalist design and outstanding dust and moisture resistance. The TV is also equipped with a host of advanced technologies, including 4K X-Reality™ PRO, 4K X1™ processor, and Motionflow XR, providing a smooth, high-resolution, and detailed picture experience. perfect. The product is also equipped with an amplified sound system, helping you fully enjoy emotional sublimation when watching movies or playing games.

Sony 4K 55-inch TV KD – 55X75K with minimalist design

Are you considering choosing a Sony TV with a popular price but still meeting a variety of entertainment needs? Manh Nguyen recommends you choose KD – 55X75K, this is a super product that is appreciated by many users, has excellent picture quality – sound, and supports a variety of other extended features such as Playing games, connecting with the phone,… See details of the TV with item code 55X75K at Manh Nguyen’s house to get more information about Sony’s best TV worth buying!

2. Smart TV LG 4K 55 inch 55UQ8000PSC ThinQ AI

The 55-inch LG 4K Smart TV model has a minimalist design on all 4 edges, adding a luxurious elegance to the room space. This product has the integration of α5 Gen5 AI 4K processor and HDR10 Pro technology, Dynamic Tone Mapping automatically fine-tunes every color, sound, and picture to become accurate and true. Filmmaker Mode gives you the feeling of stepping into a cinematic world with frame smoothing.

The 55-inch LG 4K Smart TV model reproduces a vivid, fresh color range and spectacular details in 4K resolution.

With only 15-20 million VND, you can immediately own a LG 55UQ8000PSC to help satisfy your entertainment needs and watch good quality movies. The product also has the ability to personalize, and comfortably control the TV with commands through a virtual assistant, bringing you to a vivid cinematic world.

3. Smart TV Samsung 55 inch Crystal UHD 4K 55CU8500

55CU8500 has a slim AirSlim design with a beautiful and luxurious L-shaped stand that enhances the aesthetics of the living space. In addition, Samsung 4K 55CU8500 has a Crystal 4K processor, which increases the detail of each color gamut and upscales 4K content, helping you always enjoy quality and clear movies.

Adaptive Sound technology helps adjust the sound according to the content shown, the matches will be bustling and the concerts will be more vibrant and true than ever. Combined with Q-Symphony that synchronizes the sound of the TV and speakers, the Samsung 4K 55CU8500 gives you an explosive audio experience.

When using 55CU8500, you will enjoy the One Remote function, a remote control device that can charge the battery with light. In addition, the Google Assistant feature also helps you control the TV more easily with your Vietnamese voice.


Illustration of Smart TV Samsung 55 inch Crystal UHD 4K 55CU8500

If you are worried that a 55-inch TV may be too big for your home space, you can refer to the 50BU8500 TV model. Also owns a unique plastic L-shaped stand design, integrated 4K resolution, and a series of modern imaging technologies such as Dynamic Crystal Color, Contrast Enhancer, and Crystal 4K Processor,… Samsung 50BU8500 still ensures to give you the most realistic, vivid, and sharp images.

Above we have concisely brought out Smart TV 55 inch Reviews so that you can decide whether to invest in or not. We hope you have chosen a suitable TV for yourself. If you have needs, concerns or need more advice on products, please contact Manh Nguyen to get the best price!

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