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Since Kick is still in its infancy, determining what kinds of material do best, there will take some time. Although it has attracted several well-known broadcasters, Kick seems more geared toward up-and-coming content makers than established ones.

When do you use Kick streaming?

Like its competitors Twitch, YouTube Live, Facebook Live, and so on, Kick is a streaming platform. Supporters can subscribe to a channel, leave comments, and even take part in HD live feeds. We are presently testing it out.

Compared to Twitch, what sets Kick apart?

One way in which Kick differs from Twitch is that it is designed with content creators in mind. Its creator fees are lower, it has a more permissive stance on adult material, and it aims for maximum clarity in its policies. To rephrase, Kick promotes itself as a platform that is in favor of reasonable terms for streamers.

Kick’s main page is quite similar to Twitch, albeit in green and black rather than white and purple; therefore, it may be easy to mistake it for Twitch’s ‘The Matrix’ implementation. The Kick vs. Twitch issue, however, gets more complicated upon closer inspection.

Kick is a good fit if you produce live videos about casinos, slot machines, and other forms of gambling. At the moment, gambling is the most popular activity on the site. Kick also hosts a number of other popular streaming services.

Tips for broadcasting on Kick

Kick only supports live broadcasts from RTMP-compatible software like Restream Studio or OBS Studio. We’ll show you how to use Restream to broadcast on Kick.

First things first: set up your Kick channel. If you haven’t already done so, head over to and sign up for an account.

Second, select Creator Dashboard by clicking on your profile picture in the upper right.

Third, select New Stream from the drop-down menu, and then click Edit Stream info.

Label, classify, and localize your stream. Determine if it’s restricted to those of legal drinking age. The next step is to select the Save option.

Click the Settings button in the left sidebar of the Creator Dashboard. Select Stream Key thereafter.

Make a copy of your Stream’s URL.

No one can disagree that this is a huge deal for streamers because it gives them control over how much money they make from their videos. Competition is always healthy, and while Kick may currently have fewer views than Twitch and may even be view botting to disguise this, additional options for streamers is always a good thing. However, many people think Kick can’t keep going forever. Considering its overall viewership is a fraction of Twitch’s, there’s no reasonable way to keep the company going on so little revenue from streams. It also appears that Amazon is paying a fee in order to utilize Twitch’s exclusive video platform. So, how does it keep going?

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