Short Hair or Long Hair, Which is More Suitable for You?

When it comes to the short hair, maybe many girls should have heard the rule of 2.25 inches, that is, measure the length from below ears to the chin, if it is less than 2.25 inches, you are suitable for short hair; but if it is larger than 2.25 inches, you are not suitable.

1.The Richness of Your Hair

Girls with less hair may have the trouble of attaching to the scalp once their hair is too long, it will show a fatty face. Therefore, if you have less hair, it is more recommended to cut it short and improve the richness of the hair visually.

On the contrary, if a person has thick hair, you’d better to thin your hair to avoid a big head, so it is more recommended to choose the long hair or medium long hair for a smaller face.

2. The Ratio of Head and Body

Relatively speaking, if the ratio of your head and body is not very good, for example, the head is big, or the proportion of the upper and lower body is the same, then the short hair is better for your body proportion, the whole body will look higher and lighter with the short hair.

While for girls whose height is not high, it is easy to have a look of top heavy if the hair is too long. So it is recommended to have short hair or medium long hair.

3. Face Shape

Girls with square face or round face can try to modify the face shape with the short hair below the ears or the long hair in the clavicle. Girls with round baby face and long face can match bangs to increase the fresh and active.

4.Temperament and Style

Girls have sharp facial features or facial lines are suitable for short hair and clavicular hair to have a refreshing and handsome look.

Long hair is more suitable for girls who has the charming, mature style, the attractive style can be presented completely.

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