Shirts For Athletic Men: A Guide To Finding The Right Fit And Style

When searching shirts for men online, you will come across multiple colours, fits, and styles. It solely depends on your body type, style preference, and the colour of choice, which shirt will look the best. The style and colour can change with the seasons, but how a shirt fits your body type remains constant. Wearing a nice fit shirt helps you with a clean look and all that is important. You get to make the right impression at the right time.

The degree of complexity in finding suitable shirts for men keeps changing with different body types. And often, the ones with highly packed muscles and nicely toned abs find themselves in the most challenging situations. But as the saying goes, “when there is a will, there is a way.”  So moving forward, let’s help you find the right fit of choice and show off the output of hard work, “your muscles,” in style.

Things To Know Before You Start Searching Shirts For Men With An Athletic Fit

The fit of shirts for men can keep changing based on the build material, the quality of the fabric, and the general measurement guideline. For example, a brand’s size ‘L’ can fit you perfectly, while the same size from another brand might seem tough to tuck in. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean you will stop looking for shirts, right?

Consider these features before you start with the search expedition:


As an athlete, consider the right fit on your upper body. It will help you show off all that toned physique and get that perfect look you want. On the sleeves, consider a length that ends on your bicep and gently hugs your arm, enhancing the overall look of the muscle. Meanwhile, consider the length of your shirt ending in mid-fly for a clean look.

Build Quality

Pay attention to the fabric’s quality when considering investing in a good buy that will last you a long time. Other than the fit, look at the stitches and buttons intact, which will help you get a quick overview of the quality. Test for yourself! You can crumple the section of a shirt in your hands. If it comes out wrinkle-free, then that’s a green light.

Fabric In Place

Based on the fabric type, the fit of your shirt can undergo considerable change. Athletic shirts for men that are made from cotton will offer a comfortable fit all the time. Those from polyester will offer moisture-wicking and wrinkle-resistant fits. At the same time, you can rely on the ones made from spandex for light stretches.


Searching for well-fitted shirts for men is essential, but that does not mean you will give up on the breathability part. A shirt with ample breathability helps with the appropriate air supply and outflow of moisture. Thus keeping you fresh all day long.


A well-fitted shirt will surely amp up your styling game, making you look attractive and fresh for the entire day. However, people sometimes get confused between a ‘nice fit’ and a ‘tight fit.’ That is where they end up compromising on the comfort part. Be mindful of your priorities and size up when required. As with a tight-fitted shirt, you will not feel easy, and it will ultimately show on your face. At some point, managing the entire day will be difficult.

Understand The Difference Between Athletic Fits And Slim Fits

Long gone are the days when men used to have only a single shirt fit to stick to. Today’s fashion world is filled with multiple shirts for men, and most brands have started focusing on the athletic body type. However, owing to one’s oblivious self, athletic men tend to go for a slim fit and invest unnecessarily money and time. This section will help you understand the difference between athletic and slim fits. And why shall you stick to the former?

The purpose of a slim fit is to remain close to your body and offer a fitted look, as per the body shape. The slim fit look comes from tampering through the midsection and the waist. However, the same has very little space for the upper body, which creates trouble for people with a muscular build.

On the other hand, a shirt with an athletic fit has all the right room for the upper body area and narrows down at the waist. Which you will not find in shirts for men in slim-fit designs. So overall, you will have a problem with fits and cuts in every other region.

To get the look of an athletic fit shirt in a slim fit, you must visit the tailor and ask for customized fittings. This will cost you more money and time as well.

How To Style Your Shirt With An Athletic Fit?

The reality is your look has much to do with the little details. Whether you have paid attention to the dress code or are wearing the right colour, you have chosen the right print and fit. Here is a detailed style guide: ” How can you style your shirt with an athletic fit?”

  • Consider the occasion and place you are planning to wear the shirt and proceed. You can always suit up in black and white for a formal dinner, adding brown for the shoes. Go with shirts for men having an athletic fit when you have an after-party planned for the rest of the night. Get rid of the top jacket and roll up the sleeves. You are here to make the party vibe.
  • For day brunches and casual meetups, a shirt with an athletic fit will help you get the look. You can always combine lighter tones with denim bottoms. Finally, complete the look with white sneakers from your favourite brand.


For a long time, the males with gym bodies struggled to find appropriate fits for their style. Gone are the days, and now athletic shirts for men are in trend. They help achieve that clean look, making for the right fit and style, amplifying all the muscles and cuts as appropriate. Available online and offline, these fits will keep you sorted for occasions of every type.

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