Self-learning techniques for students.

Self-learning is the process in which students other than their classroom teaching, learn, and study themselves to increase their academic performance and achieve educational goals and objectives. It helps students improve their knowledge and skills to a great extent. For excelling in the learning fields, every student should take the initiative of self-learning. Let us discuss the self-learning techniques that students can involve in their learning schedules.

“Self-study, in a sense of learning by yourself without anybody teaching you anything, has an enormous value.” – Robert Kraft.

Techniques for self-learning


Reading is an important technique that students can include in their self-learning process. Reading is a process that promotes self-study. What students can do is read as much as possible. Only a single time reading is not sufficient if students want to attain a good understanding and learning, then multiple sets and repetitions of reading must be practiced by the students. All the students should go through the study material available to them. Also reading textbooks and guides are helpful. Today with the Internet technology, students can read articles, blogs, and other information related to their academic subjects. Online teaching sites and the classroom app provides the facility of ebooks to the students as well. Reading improves your self-learning and information comprehension.

Watch videos related to education

Watching educational videos is a very helpful technique that students can involve in their self-learning. In such videos, students get an idea of how to achieve effective education and high academic performance. Videos related to studies improve the self-learning experience to a great extent. Students get an idea of all strategies and plans they can implement for improving their self-studies. You can also watch and listen to the videos on the topics that you find difficulty in understanding. By watching the pictures, short videos help you understand and learn better. On YouTube, there are several educational channels to which you can subscribe to get notified and watch.

Use learning software

With the digital life and growing technology, students have the option to use several learning software or applications to improve their self-learning. Other than classroom teaching, using some tools and technical aids available to you for effective learning must be opted by the students. With the help of these learning applications, you can learn at any time and from anywhere. The best advantage of these apps is that they are mobile-friendly. This means you can download and use them easily on your smartphones. With the help of a  mobile teacher app access to information has become very easy.  Students can use the ebooks available here. Audiovisual videos, word dictionaries, recorded lectures, etc can also be accessed by the students to make their self-learning efficient and smooth.

Note making

An important technique that students must include in their self-learning is note-making. Only reading and listening are not sufficient to learn. If students want to learn effectively and perform well in academics then, practice note-making. After reading the information make pointers and notes of the important information. Students can also use audiovisual tools for note-making. Only reading can be boring for the students but using audio and visual aids keep them interested and engaged. While watching the videos, the presentation practice jotting down. Or students can pause the videos in between to note down what they understood. Writing techniques will improve the memorization power of the students. Also, they will be able to retain information for longer.


Revisions and repetitions are very necessary and all the students must include these in their self-learning schedules. The only one-time practice of the subjects is not enough to score good, therefore students must revise as much as possible. Go through the study material multiple times, re-read your self-created notes, and solve the applicative portion of your subjects as many times as you can.

Additional message for teachers

  • Give writing and reading homework to the students. This way they will be more engaged in the practice of self-learning. Try to give them the writing topics which are related to the academic subjects. This way their academic performance will be improved.
  • Tell students that they have to submit their written assignments. With the help of LMS portals, maintain the record of the students who have submitted and who have not. All teaching platforms can use LMS portals to maintain records properly.
  • Giving home assignments and providing grades and scores for that will engage students more for self-learning. Teachers play an important role in engaging students more in self-learning. Explain to them its importance and encourage them to study and learn at home as much as possible.


All the above-mentioned techniques can be adopted and practiced by the students to improve their self-learning process. The practice of self-study is very necessary to perform actively in education. Only classroom teaching is not enough to score well. Students have to put in their self-efforts also. With the growing technology, many learning aids are available. Use them and study effectively.

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