Score 90% Marks In Class 5 Maths With These Tips

Mathematics is that subject, which can be the most exciting and fun to learn if taught in the right manner. Also, the theories and principles have many practical applications in different fields of life.

But still, it remains the most difficult subject of the Board curriculum. Often observed, it tends to become a nightmare for some due to which it results in the fear of the subject and also negligence or loss of interest; thereby leading to poor performance.

So, when the basic fundamentals of the subject are clearly grasped by a student, then they can score well in the same subject in the upcoming standards. Thus, it is important to have a clear understanding of the basic concepts of all the chapters, which can be achieved via following a proper practising regimen and awareness of the formulae and their application. This makes the subject easy and not difficult at all. 

There are some smart strategies that are found to be effective to score better in mathematics. Read ahead to know more. 

  • Work on speed

Many times, it has been observed that students tend to fail to attempt some questions even after knowing the answer to it, due to the fact that they were running short of time. This then leads to poor results in their mark sheet and has an overall retarding effect on their performance. So, it is necessary to improve the speed. To attain it practically, a student must practice a variety of questions from all the topics and must keep a track of the time required to solve the questions from various sections.

This way, they will be able to allocate more time to the questions which tend to carry about 6 marks each and they are usually lengthy and tricky.

  • Improvement of accuracy

Accuracy tends to play a major role while making preparations for any examination, be it maths or any other subject. Thus, a student must be quite careful while carrying out calculations. As the examination halls do not allow any students to carry a calculator with them, it is necessary to learn and practice every mathematical operation be it addition, subtraction, multiplication or division.

  • Following the textbooks provided by the respective board, for basic questions

Often, it has been observed that about 95% of the questions that come in Board examinations are either given directly from NCERT or alike. Thus, for getting an idea of the type of questions that would be given, NCERT textbooks and the books prescribed by the respective board are of immense help. NCERT Books for Class 5 Maths PDF is easily available online these days too and it can come in handy during the time of preparation. 

  • Solving the question papers from the past few years

As said, “Practice makes a man perfect,” regular practice helps to solve the questions in a time-frame that helps a student to understand the pattern of examination and the questions becomes relevant to them. For better practice, a student must solve the sample papers and the model papers within the specified time frame. This will help them perform better during the day of their actual board examination.

  • Getting acquainted with the steps

Considering the marking pattern, writing down the steps usually carries marks which tend to be really helpful for scoring better.

Thus, a student must be well aware of the steps which would help them get to the correct answer to the given question.

But, if they don’t even know the complete solution to a particular question, it is advisable to write those steps which they are sure of. Hence, it will help them to score a bit of marks instead of scoring nil or leaving it blank.

Keeping these aspects under consideration the National Council of Education, Research and Training or NCERT provides textbooks for Class 5 Maths and also for the preceding and succeeding classes, which are developed and produced in a scientific manner. These books include the topics in such a manner that students can interpret them readily without any confusion or fear.  

The NCERT Class 5 Maths textbook includes several practice sets, puzzles and quizzes which are helpful to make the process of learning fun and enjoyable. Also, teachers from various schools and teaching institutions encourage students to follow the textbook for mathematics provided by NCERT. 

But, what actually makes the books from NCERT really special?

There are several books available in the market which complies with the norms proposed by CBSE. But it has been observed that the books published by NCERT are always in high demand. 

Below there are some points mentioned, which makes the textbooks of NCERT special.

  1. It helps in better understanding: All the NCERT textbooks are student-friendly, which means that they are informative and include reference study material. The chapters are explained briefly and include diagrams and examples, due to which the students can learn the concepts without facing any difficulties. Solving the exercise problems will help a student to develop an in-depth understanding of that particular topic. 
  2. Comprehensible presentation:  Compared to the other textbooks available in the market, the textbooks of NCERT for Class 5 Maths involve the use of simplified and easy-to-understand language to explain any particular topic. Due to this, the students usually take less time to comprehend and learn each chapter. 
  3. Structured based on the examination: Each chapter of the NCERT textbook includes a detailed exercise section, which a student can easily practice based on his understanding of the respective chapter. This is also helpful, as the student can have a clear idea of the type of question that would come in the main examination. 
  4. Easily available in the market: Be it online or offline, the NCERT books are available in both the platform. When this book is followed, it helps the student to score better marks and highlight their overall better performance in mathematics. Also, in this digital era, textbooks are available in soft copies in the form of PDF which can be downloaded via various websites.

Thus, due to the above-mentioned factors, the NCERT textbooks are preferred by many students irrespective of the board they belong to. Moreover, many teachers advise the use of NCERT books to the students who are preparing for their board examination or any other competitive examinations. 

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