Revealing the winning way of playing pho of longtime players

Phom – Ta La is a card game of the extremely popular 52-card deck. This is a game that requires quick thinking and observation to win, so knowing how to play go88 pho and the rules is essential when participating in this subject.

Experience playing poker is easy to win big

Introduction to poker rules

9-card phom – also known as Ta La, Northern Phom… is a card game using a 52-card deck of cards that appeared a long time ago, starting in the North of Vietnam. This must be a game associated with each person’s habits every occasion when you gather to play cards because of the interesting and dramatic nature of playing poker in the North.

Winning this game is not easy, this is one of the unique strategy card games from the 52 card deck. Of course, if we want to be at the top of each poker game, we must know the rules of pho, then how to play pho to win the fastest and smartest. When you fully understand the rules of playing poker, you will participate in playing a lot and gain a lot of experience, you will experience the best ways to play poker.

Introduction to playing poker

However, basically, the original poker rules are not too complicated. Phom is a set of three or more cards of the same number or consecutively of the same suit. In a game of pho, the player needs to have the task of creating the most phom out of his cards, the remaining number of cards is one that has no trees left or has as few points as possible.

Each turn, you take a card and play 1 card, if you lose the card, you will give the player a bet of 1. If this card is dealt in the last round, you will lose 4 times your bet. mine. If there is someone who is hum (all cards are phom), the rest of the players in the game must pay their bets. After the end of the cards (number of cards played in front of them = 4), everyone knocks down all the phom, calculates the remaining cards and divides the winners and losers.

The easiest way to win poker

After mastering the rules of pho and participating in the game well, you can move on to learning the best ways to play pho so that you can win the biggest game. The rules of poker are simple, but there are many tips and strategies for playing poker, here are a few of them.

How to play poker the easiest way to win bets?

Choose your ideal seat

It may sound unrelated to strategy when it comes to playing poker, but good ways of playing pho sometimes don’t equal a bit of luck. When choosing a reasonable seat in the poker round, how to not be peeked at the cards, a comfortable seat creates a good mentality before playing, maybe the luck will be higher, the deal will be available or easy to create. more phony.

This is not a way to always win, but sometimes when you get lucky, you can win big, especially in games that bet a lot of money.

How to verse

Sentences are a tactic that needs to be mastered in good poker games

Sentence is the term used in the game Phở in the North. That is, the strategy to get the cards you need when creating phom. There are 2 ways: lobby and big cards. The straight hand is almost the goal of all players, which means finding ways to get small cards – cards that are rarely played.

In the rules of pho, the last cards after defeating all of them are used to calculate points. Therefore, the bigger the card, the more dangerous it is, people often deal the biggest cards to avoid high scores. This action is the big sentence.

In order to be able to speculate on which phom can be created and how to get the cards to create phom sets, players must have a high level of skill and quick computational thinking. That’s why Northern Phom is not simply an entertaining card game. To know the best ways to play pho, you need a lot of time to practice.

How to tear a card – remove phỏm

Tear poker is a term included in the rules of pho, only the act of having to break the card or the sets that have the ability to play their pho to entice the opponent to play a card that he can eat.

Specifically, if you have 2 10s in your hand, you should hit 9 or J to get the next 10. In case you have 2 10’s and 2 9’s, you must tear the card to create a chance for one of the two phom to be created, keeping it for a long time also makes you lose the game.

In the case that you can’t buzz but can eat the peg, the winning amount is also relatively large, not less than winning the whole game. Many veteran players choose their method of breaking pho to find pawns. Avoiding the case that the opponent has just buzzed and eaten his pawns, breaking the phom seems to be the only solution.

How to post at the end of the game

Posting is an effective solution to a bad situation when playing poker

In the rules of pho, there is a rule that allows players to send cards, reducing the total score as much as possible to avoid big losses. Players must pay close attention as soon as someone takes a card – make a phom and guess if they can post in this phom.

If your opponent makes a horizontal play, you can send a card and use it as a pawn. If the opposite is a vertical phom, you are forced to guess what the other opponents are doing. If the odds are high that you’re going to kill first and it’s almost impossible to send, then you should switch to the closing sentence, or if the worst case scenario is you can let the opponent eat pho, then post.

Some things to keep in mind when playing poker

To play well and win quickly, you need the following qualities:

Stay calm in situations

In any strategy card game, calm and relaxed is always advice for you. When there is enough composure, new players are wise and carefully observe the situations, and every time they play, there will be no regrettable mistakes. Mental measures are almost the best way to play pho or any game because any judgment can be wrong, keeping a cool head is never superfluous.

Calmness is a must-have quality for someone who wants to be good at pho

Have a strategy to play

Knowing the rules of poker is not necessarily the best way to win the game. Through the times of playing, understanding the opponent as well as drawing out their playing style, creating your own way of playing is how you improve your winning rate. A good way to play poker is still to have good tactics and quick thinking.

Remember well the cards that have been played

Finally, observing and memorizing is a must when playing Phom. Every time you drop a card and draw a card, you need to remember the number and stack of cards, from which to judge the opponent’s move, creating a chance to win for yourself.


Above are the sharing and some directions for those who are wondering how to play Pho well. The rules of pho or good tactics are just factors that add to the fun of the game GO88, you should always keep the spirit of peace to play the most fun.

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