Reasons Why Your A/C Runs Constantly?

The summer is hot and sticky, and without a well-functioning A/C, the season can be troublesome for you and your family. In the summer, you may face various cooling problems, such as a unit that runs constantly. This can happen due to different reasons, and in this case, air conditioning service in Tulsa, OK will be needed.

This article will discuss why your air conditioner runs nonstop and what to do to get around those problems. Keep reading below.

Wrong Duct Size

You can’t just install air ducts for your home or unit. The ductwork should also be appropriate according to your system’s size. Wrong-sized ductwork won’t be able to handle the airflow and distribute the cool air to all areas of your home.

But if your ductwork is professionally installed and your system is still running continuously, then the issue might be on the unit itself. You may need air conditioning service in Tulsa, OK.

Your Air Conditioner is Too Small

Air conditioners that are too small will double the effort to meet your home’s cooling demand. This can lead to excess stress and reduced system service life due to increased wear and tear. The comfort in your home can also be compromised.

If your system is having difficulty meeting your cooling needs, it will be more likely to run constantly.

Your Air Conditioner is Too Large

If your air conditioning system is too large for your space, it will not effectively remove the moisture from the air. If the moisture is high, the air will become clammy.

Also, your air conditioner will short cycle because the cooling demand is met right away after a few minutes of operation. This results in higher utility costs and increased strain. Over time, your system may need to retire earlier than expected.

Clogged Air Filter

Did you know that a clogged air filter can affect how your system works? A clogged filter can restrict proper airflow and cut down the amount of cool air your system produces and distributes, resulting in constant A/C operation. Without enough air that’s flowing over the coils, your system won’t be able to remove the humidity and cool your indoor air, keeping it running when it should not. Schedule an air conditioning service in Tulsa, OK to address and solve this problem.

Dirty Evaporator Coil

Dirt like pet hair, mud, grass clipping, and other debris can block the airflow, reduce A/C performance, and cause constant system operation. Since the evaporator coil is exposed to the airflow circulated by the blower, it can be susceptible to dirt build-up.

The debris can form on coil surfaces, and the proper air transfer won’t be achieved. As a result, your system won’t provide your home enough cooling, and your system has to run longer. That’s why it’s important to schedule annual system maintenance to check the coils regularly. Call the pros for air conditioning service in Tulsa, OK if you suddenly experience the issue.

Having Trouble with A Constantly Running A/C?

You might be worried about getting higher cooling bills monthly when your A/C runs nonstop. Longer operation means constant energy use to cool your home. That’s true!

If your air conditioner is in good condition, then it’s expected to follow a proper cycle. When you notice something is not right with its operation or is constantly running, it’s time to investigate.

Call the pros of All Comfort Specialist to conduct air conditioning service in Tulsa, OK. The company has licensed technicians that service all makes and models of A/Cs. Visit their website to learn more about their business.

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