Reasons Why You Should Invest In Facebook Ad Marketing

Do you know almost 1.79 billion people use Facebook daily? Not just that, you need to create Facebook video ads to reach around 2.1 billion people, giving you the highest ROI among all other advertising platforms!

These marketing statistics reflect how you can use Facebook to market products and services. However, if you think whether Facebook ad marketing is worth your investment or not, go through the following points and decide for yourself. 

Make your reach wide

Facebook marketing expands the coverage of your business. With the right marketing strategy, you can reach potential customers and the right audience who have shown interest in related matters. 

On Facebook, your target audience is considered with various factors like demographics, interests, behaviour, etc. So, by customizing the audience, you wish to market, Facebook makes sure you make your money worthwhile. This isn’t random targeting which targets people who don’t even know your brand but only to a defined set of audiences like –

  • Core audience.
  • Custom audience.
  • Lookalike audience.

Measure your results

The best advantage of Facebook ad advertising is that it gives you complete engagement insights. You can get accurate data about your audience’s reaction to your ad campaign, including the likes, reach, comments, and all the other actions to your advertisement. This analysis of results helps you to formulate your future ad campaigns. Moreover, it also helps to modify your existing ones if required. 

So, you can easily create Facebook ads that give you the highest engagement with your audience. 

Flexible Facebook ads

Flexibility is another reason why you should choose Facebook as your marketing platform. There is no need for you to spend fortunes on your advertising projects. Facebook ads help you to customize your advertising according to your budget. So, you can create Facebook video ads and get the optimum result in your budget. Moreover, you can also set the cost per click. 

Therefore, it won’t be wrong to say that Facebook marketing is quite convenient for low budgetary constraints. This is one of the reasons you should invest in Facebook ad marketing, whether you are a small or a big business. 

Effective increase in sales

Do you know almost 78% of the consumers purchased after discovering products on Facebook?

Another reason for choosing Facebook ad marketing as it offers effective results. Facebook ads allow you to define your audience and customise them based on age, sex, location, and interest to target your audience. Moreover, you can reach a new customer base, existing customer base, and even those who have shown interest in similar topics of your business. 

So, there is no way to miss a significant section of your potential audience with Facebook marketing. 

Performance growth testing

Facebook provides you with different tools that allow you to test your marketing strategy, like A/B testing. This helps them to see which ad performs better over time along with data. Moreover, split testing helps to test and display ad variants. These ads are set up for 1-30 days with a custom audience and specific audience. So, you can observe the performance of two simultaneous ads. This way, it helps you to choose a better campaign for your brand and ensure better sales.

Selective audience targeting

The best feature of Facebook ads is that you can select a custom audience. You can make your advertisement reach a relevant audience while leaving a specific section of the audience. This selective targeting enables you to narrow down your potential audience and helps save costs. Moreover, it makes your campaign more meaningful. Also, you can retarget your previous audience. 

Increase brand awareness and traffic

With Facebook advertising, you can make your brand reach out to a vast audience, increasing your brand awareness and traffic. If you are a new business, you can use the core audience option to explore the markets and advance your campaigns. However, if you are an existing business, you can use a custom audience to connect with the audience showing interest in your businesses. 

Moreover, you can also market your brand to a lookalike audience. These are not your customers but have shown interest in the subject matter related to your brand. So, be it a new player in the market or a well-established one, Facebook ads marketing allows you to play per your requirements. 

Now that you know why 93% of marketing experts prefer Facebook ads, here are the key points to ensure best practice – 

Do’s of Facebook ads marketing 

  • If adverts aren’t working for you, you might want to try boosting a post on Facebook instead.
  • Target audience who have saved your posts.
  • Use Facebook targeting options. It narrows down your audience. 
  • Target your existing customers. It makes them more valuable and brand advocates. 
  • Include a clear call to action.
  • Use options like retargeting the audience and Facebook pixel.
  • Monitor and reply to your ad comments.
  • Make your ads mobile-friendly. 
  • Split testing on your ads.

Don’ts of Facebook ads marketing

  • Don’t ignore the needs and targeting of mobile users. They comprise a considerable proportion of Facebook users.
  • Don’t overspend your budget initially. Increase your budget slowly and find what works for you.
  • Don’t change your ads immediately, expecting immediate results.
  • Don’t target an incredibly vast audience. It finishes your budget quickly.
  • Don’t add too much text to your Facebook creatives.
  • Don’t overlap targeting. It means that your ad competes against each other. It will cost money and spoil results. 
  • Don’t forget to monitor your ad campaigns regularly.

Facebook ads can prove to be an excellent marketing strategy if used correctly. You can either go for Facebook video ads or any other medium to market your brand, but whatever you plan, a good idea is all you need to ace the marketing game. 

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