Quick Tips for Road-Tripping from Seattle to Los Angeles

Road trips are excellent ways to see more of the country and can provide a fantastic sense of adventure for the traveler, so it’s easy to see why these kinds of getaways are so popular. Whether you are an American citizen or you are visiting the USA from foreign shores, there are many different routes you can take across this great country to see various incredible places, but traveling down from the Pacific Northwest to sunny California has always been a hit with road-trippers. If this is a route that you are interested in, here are a few quick tips to help you prepare for the drive of your life.

1. Find Fun Things to Do on Your Trip

Take the time to do plenty of research into what you can do and see at each stop during your road trip. If you’re starting in Seattle, check out Pike Place Market and the Space Needle, or even explore some of the glorious national parks near the city that are worth your while. Stopping off in Portland on your way down to California? Check out some of the best things to do in Portland to help plan your visit. You might want to consider booking certain activities in advance to make sure you don’t miss out on these opportunities when you arrive.

2. Consider Your Vehicle Carefully

When you are spending so much time on the road, making sure that you are comfortable is important. Pick a vehicle that is suitable for your needs and the size of your party, so that you can fit your luggage in the car without it feeling cramped in the back. You may want to consider renting an RV for your trip, as this can provide more space for you and be used as accommodation if you are trying to keep costs down. If you are driving in your car rather than a rented vehicle, make sure it has had all the necessary checks before you leave so that it’s safe to use on the road.

3. Pack an Emergency Kit

You should also make sure you have an emergency kit in the car in case of breakdowns or other issues when you’re on the road. This will include the basics for car maintenance, but also a first aid kit in case anyone suffers minor injuries while you’re traveling. You may also want to have some spare water and food in case of a breakdown and you need to wait a while for roadside recovery to come and pick you up, especially if you are in the middle of nowhere.

4. Come Up with Backup Routes and Rest Stops

When you are planning a long road trip like this one, marking out your rest stops is key to keeping you safe and refreshed when you’re traveling along these routes. You might also want to think of backup routes in case there are problems like traffic or unexpected road closures that could add time to your planned journey.

If you intend to drive from Seattle to Los Angeles for your next road trip vacation, remember these quick tips to help you have a positive experience and stay safe along the drive yourjobnews.

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