Pros and cons of mowers in Kenya and their prices. Lawnmowers are used in beautifying the environment. Cons. Manual lawn mowers Kenya are easy to operate. Price; Manual lawn mowers are relatively cheaper. Manual lawn mowers are safer. Pros. Not preferred for larger yards. Not suitable for all types of grasses.


You are thinking of creating a beautiful environment that is pleasing to the eye? Lawnmowers are one of the many pieces of equipment that you will use when beautifying your place. Lawnmowers have proven to be very useful when cutting grass in a minimal time. With so many lawnmowers out there in the market, finding the right one might prove to be very difficult.

Whether you want to start a lawn mowing business or want to have this machine to keep the beauty of your place in check, it is wise to go for the best one. Many prefer going for the manual lawn mower Kenya. Many make mistakes when purchasing this item because they don’t consider the pros and cons it comes with and may or may not end up regret buying it.

Pros of manual lawn mowers 

Easy to operated

Manual lawn mowers are easy to operate because it involves just moving the machine around the grass and letting the blades do their work. This is different from the electric lawn mowers or the fuel-driven ones, where you must know how to operate the other parts of the machine for it to work.


Manual lawn mowers are way cheaper compared to electrically driven ones. If you are starting a business and looking for a lawnmower within your budget, then a manual lawn mower will be your most preferred choice. It comes cheaply and can still do the work just as perfectly as the electrical one.

This is why many people sort to go for them because they are relatively cheaper. Manual lawn mower prices in Kenya go for approximately KSH 15,000.


Manual lawn mowers are safer, more so if you have kids around. Because they only work when you push them, they cannot pose any danger when they are stationary.

When safety is considered, manual lawn mowers are lower in comparison to other types of machines. A thumbs up is to wear safety shoes.

Cons of manual lawn mowers       

Not preferred for bigger yards

Because it is manually driven or instead someone uses their energy to drive it, it limits the use of the machine in small yards that can easily be handled. Using it in large yards might make the person get tired quickly and use more days in lawn mowing the yard. Electrical-driven mowers use electricity and thus can be used in mowing big yards.

Not suitable for all types of grass

Although manual lawn mowers are the most preferred by many for cutting grasses, one should consider the type of grass present in the yard. The rotatory speed of manual lawn mowers is slightly lower than that of electrical ones, thus making them unsuitable for the stiff grasses.


Manual lawn mowers are easy to purchase compared to other lawn mowers because of their relatively lower price. They are also safer to handle and easier to operate. When buying it, you should first consider its pros and cons before going for it. Doing this will ensure that the machine will meet your needs before purchasing it.

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