Popular Editing Platforms Available Online

Editing has come a long way, and it is now accessible to almost everyone around us. Editing doesn’t have to be complex all the time; it can be the simplest of things like when you convert PDF to Word or add a watermark to your document; all of these are considered to be editing. Content editing and picture editing all of these have online platforms which let you complete your work in a swing.

They may look simple and easy now, but how and why is that so? All thanks to the free or paid editing tools that we are exposed to. They’ve made things a lot easier and get things done quickly within minutes. Some of the popular editing platforms include:


Ever wondered how to do all those pictures on quotes that you see all over social media? Canva is a brilliant choice if you want to edit text over your pictures. Canva is free software that is an all-in-one design tool. You can design anything within minutes with thousands of templates to choose from.


GrammarBase is a free grammar checker available online. It does not ask you to sign up for anything or submit any contact information, unlike some other websites. You simply put in your material, and it highlights all of the errors.

It’s more complicated than other checkers. It looks for more obscure errors such as hanging modifiers, confusing antecedents, quantifiers, and more, rather than simply grammar, capitalization, and punctuation. GrammarBase is a free service that does not demand you to install any software.


You can easily edit PDF online with PDFSimpli. PDFSimpli is a brilliant productivity tool due to its various PDF conversion tools. Most of our documents come as PDFs, and if you ever wonder how to convert them into different documents, PDFSimpli is for you.

PDFSimpli lets you merge PDFs, convert PDF to JPG, Split, Compress and watermark PDF. It also allows you to e-sign your documents. It is a free online platform and runs smoothly on any device.

Essays Capital

Essays Capital is a writing and editing platform that specializes in custom writing. They may proofread all of your promotional materials, as well as your website, blog posts, and other content. Language, vocabulary, punctuation, design, and structure are all included in their revisions.


SlickWrite is also a grammar checker platform but what makes it different from others is that it allows you to adjust the parameters for topics you don’t want to be rectified or to segregate your corrections as you go.


Finally, we can effectively conclude that all of these editing tools have been nothing but helpful to all of us. Editing tools have evolved to the point that everything that you want to do can be done with just a computer or a mobile with you.

Most of these editing tools are accurate, which turns out to help avoid all manual errors, and most of them are free as well, which makes them accessible to everyone to use and gain benefit from.

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