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In this article, I will introduce how to play online slot games with our leading casino website in Thailand . In this article, I will explain what game brands there are. And how to play in detail In the last part, I will give an example of how to play for everyone to see.  slot games have thousands of games to choose from. I will choose a game that is trending during this time. If you are ready Let’s go see the content inside.

Play online slots games with 

For the slot games or slots category of this website, There will be a total of 14 game brands together. Each brand is divided into 100 – 300 games, but the website’s top 3 popular game brands It will be first, PP or Pragmatic Play, second place, MG or Micro Gaming, and lastly, PT or Playtech. With sample articles for membership application, deposit, and money transfer

For accessing the  website, you can access the correct home page at Access to the  main page. The link below will be articles about subscriptions, deposits, and money transfers. For those who have never used services with the  website before, you can learn more.

How to enter the category Play slot games

After everyone has registered. Deposits and transfers have been completed. In this topic, I will explain how to play pg slot แตกง่าย games for everyone to see. There will be only 2 steps to enter. You can follow the example I have provided below.

Select category

Let everyone log in to the main website of  and choose to go to the Slots category in the middle of the main menu on the website, next to Live Casino and Games.

Select game brand

After clicking on the slot category You will find a lot of game brands, 14 brands. In the example, I will choose PP or Pragmatic play, which is the number 1 game brand on this website with the highest number of members playing.

Pragmatic Play brand games

Continuation from above Anyone who has come to the PP game brand will find hundreds of games ever. In the usage section, there are 7 types for you to search for the game you want to play. What topics will be there to watch?

  • All: In the first section, it will be all. In this section, it will show All PP branded slot games with 160 games
  • Popular: For the second part If you have pressed You will find games that are popular on the PP brand.
  • Outstanding: For this item, it will be a game that is very popular today.
  • New: As the name suggests, this section, will be a game that the PP brand has brought in new.
  • Favorites: In this section will be the games that we have. Tick ​​the heart as each person’s favorite game. If you press the heart of 3 games, all 3 games will appear on your favorites list.
  • History: This is a category that holds specific games where members receive maximum bonuses.
  • Search: If you can’t find the game you want to play. For you to type and find your game in this channel.

Example of playing slot games

For an example in spinning pgslot ทางเข้า games, I will choose my favorite games of this brand as an example for everyone to see. I will use the game sweet bonanza. In the process of playing, there are only a few steps, you can follow the example that I have provided below.

Before entering the game Please type the name of the game Sweet bonanza in the search box and enter the game, the 2nd one that I have framed in red.

Before we go to spin the sweet bonanza slot game, we need to know the betting conditions first. 

Game Rules: Before everyone plays the game, click on I to read details about the game. Will have since payout rate Free spins in the bonus round various amount multipliers There will be a total of 7 pages.

  1. Buy a feature or increase your chances of getting a feature.

After you have read and understood the game, in part 2, buying features or buying bonuses. From the example picture I have chosen the amount of 100 baht if you want to buy the free spins feature or buy the bonus. You have to pay 10000 baht or if you don’t buy the feature But do not spin 1 time and have a chance to receive a bonus, you need to increase the amount by 25 baht.

  1. Spin or Spin

Before making a spin, you have to choose the amount by pressing – + you select the amount that you have to spin 1 time. In the auto spin section, there will be for you to choose from 2 times to a maximum of 1000 times. Yes

  1. Get a reward

In this section, if you spin and get the prize money. It will show the amount you received in this section.

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