Personal IPv4 proxies for games

Every Internet user seeks anonymity, in one form or another. However, achieving this goal is not as easy as it might seem, since every resource you visit records data about you, and your ISP knows which sites you visited. You can buy personal proxies on the website You can also try The Pirate Bay.
What is IPv4 proxy

IPv4 proxies are proxy servers that use the protocol of the same name to transfer information. These protocols are used in all devices, including computers. The basis of the protocol is a unique IP address assigned to each device, network. The IP addresses themselves can be divided into two types:

  • Public. They are used on the Internet.
  • Private. They are used to create local networks.

IPs are further subdivided into:

  • Static. The address does not change.
  • Dynamic. The address may change. For example, when reconnecting the computer to the Internet or restarting the router. The previous IP goes to another person.

Why do you need IPv4 proxies

The scope of using proxies operating on the IPv4 protocol is large:

  • Online Games.
  • Web sites.
  • Various software.
  • They are also used for:
  • Bypassing the blocking of sites blocked by telecom operators.
  • Gaining access to resources with restrictions on IP-addresses (this is often practiced in the English-speaking segment of the Internet).
  • Works – in the promotion of sites (bypassing service restrictions on verification from one IP address, special software), in the promotion of social networks (for example, to maintain several accounts at the same time).

Where to buy proxy IPv4

A number of sites only work with IPv4. For example, the social network VKontakte and the Avito message board. Therefore, in their work, many specialists give preference to the IPv4 protocol. It is important to purchase high-quality proxies and not use free ones.

Free proxies have the following disadvantages:

  • Low speed of the Internet connection, since the speed is shared among all users of the proxy server.
  • Constant connection problems.
  • The ability to steal user data passing through free servers.

Buying high-quality IPv4 proxies, you get:

  • High connection speed, sufficient not only for work, but also for watching videos in high quality.
  • No malfunction or immediate replacement of the proxy.
  • A guarantee that user data will remain anonymous.
  • Unlimited access to blocked resources by providers.

The proxy is at the complete disposal of the user. The company currently has a huge network of servers, and their number is growing in proportion to the number of clients. Thus, they can count on low ban risks when working with a proxy.

Using private proxies

The capabilities of the servers allow you to perform various manipulations with changing the IP (IP) address, thereby achieving anonymity on the network, and creating a cache to speed up the connection.

The proxy works as follows. A user who wants to access the resource must send an IP to the server, which is done automatically. In turn, the proxy sends its address to the server and forms a cache to increase the download speed. Thus, the user’s address goes unnoticed, which improves the efficiency of the network.

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