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Technology has developed so rapidly that almost most of our daily chores and life’s events are out there on your mobile phone and social media platforms. Protecting your data on digital platforms have become mandatory. The CIA triad of confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability are considered to be the most important pillars of information security. So, to provide you with the utmost safety and security on your smartphones, the Perfect AppLock, by Morrison Software has been introduced to all android users with the best suited features and tools.

You can protect all the applications of your desire with just a lock using a pattern, PIN or even a gesture. Social media applications that use the most amount of your private data must be protected at all costs. Exchanging pictures, private conversations, contacts on WhatsApp, your gallery that includes thousands of your photos, email that contains private and professional data, and even other apps must be kept safe to ensure safety of your own data. Encryption of data is not possible on every application. Therefore, protecting it with the Perfect AppLock, just as its name suggests, is the best and most perfect choice you’d ever make.

There are many awesome Android App Lockers like Perfect AppLock. For example, Clean Master, KeepLock, NoxAppLock, Nox Cleaner etc.

What Perfect AppLock does?

Perfect AppLock will help you protect applications on your device such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Gallery, Email, Twitter, Settings, and even USB Connections.

Not only does the app allow you to protect other apps with passwords or patterns, but it also offers a range of other features that will ensure to make your life easy and safe in the digital world.

The app offers Rotation Lock support that will prevent your phone’s screen from rotating unnecessarily, providing you with trouble-free scrolling and viewing.

The filter support for your screen will allow you to manage the brightness of any particular app on your device. And thar’s not it! You can activate the watchdog feature that will capture the attacker after 3 failed attempts of passwords, so you know exactly who you should keep your device away from.

You can also lock incoming or outgoing calls as per your choice. Fake error messages to be displayed whenever the launch of a locked app occurs is also possible with the Perfect AppLock. Shopping, banking, studying, working, even browsing through the internet, no matter what you do, your device is primarily involved in every activity. Therefore, preserving its privacy is one of the top priorities in our day to day lives.

With perfect AppLock, you no longer have to worry about your privacy being at stake or your private information or photos getting in the wrong hands. Just install the app and enjoy the range of its features for absolutely free. Switch to a carefree and safe life with Perfect AppLock!

Download Perfect AppLock apk

This is a free Android app lock application you can download using AC Market. Instead of downloading apk files directly from internet use third-party app stores like AC Market. App Stores will keep all installed application up-to-date. No need to manually download and install application on every update. If you are using Windows 11 you can use AC Market Windows 11 app to install your favourite Android apps on your PC or computer.

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