Path of Exile 3.20 Expansion: The Forbidden Sanctum – Important Things You Can Not Miss

Path of Exile 3.20 gigantic December expansion’s name and release date has finally been announced, we are going to be playing Path of Exile Forbidden Sanctum on December time, the holiday season.

It’s going to launch December 9th, and it is going to be a Live on December 1st, about all the new stuff in POE 3.20. Meanwhile there are also some interviews with some POE celebrities in December 1st 11 A.M PST, synchronize with the official stream. If you want to know more details, you can check those resources as you like.

Meanwhile If you check out the site like, you can also find the description about POE 3.20 expansion, including new updates, cheap POE Currency, powerful build, etc.

Let’s back to the Forbidden Sanctum, my initial thoughts when I have seen the trailer is Grinding Gear Games (GGG) really showed a one big monster, like the same way that they had showed the Eater of Worlds. Though it looks like a big dog selling candles, but it still looks so evil, unholy, incredible cool. This big guy does not really look like a rare monster, and it doesn’t look like something that one-off to kill. Some players believe it is just a small part of 3.20, maybe it’s going to be more boss stuffs, but everything is uncertain currently.

The most important things in POE are the 3.20 expansion balance manifestos, there are lots of amazing updates have been announced for the next expansion. First one must be the remove of Archnemesis. This stuff had been cursed thousands of times by players, now it finally gone, entirely and forever, you do not have to face the unbreakable bosses with four disgusting mods anymore, which is an absolute good news for every player, now you can save tons of Path of Exile 3.20 Orbs/Items on using different endgame builds.

Talking about the builds, almost every POE deep players or streamers all believed that there is one thing would throw into the dust on 3.20 expansion, Headhunter. Due to Archnemesis, Headhunter once became the best build for every classes, best assistance when you face the terrible rare monster mods and bosses. But after Forbidden Sanctum released, you finally do not need to prepare tons of POE Currency just for one best Headhunter, instead there are many of new builds you can try in POE 3.20 expansion.

If you do not know which is the best build you can use for Path of Exile 3.20 patch, is the best site to read Path of Exile in-game news and buy POE Currency for PS/PC/Xbox. Highly recommend for everyone.

The last gigantic updates on expansion of game content could be different influence types, like Eldritch currency, jewelry, etc., in the new expansion, most jewels will provide players with tons of  higher value stats, thus builds could be be changed a lot. Many unique jewels, especially the quest ones are removed as well, only drop from enemies. It has a lot of controversies but there is one thing certain, POE Currency would face a massive overhaul when Forbidden Sanctum lanched. Different Orbs, Whetstones or other stuffs will be changed a lot, better get ready for it.

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