Parks in Malaysia

Malaysia serves as one of the most favorite destinations across the world whenever it comes to visiting fun places with friends and family. And, to add more fun to your vacation, various extravagant theme parks could grab the attention of lots of tourists from across the world every year. Considered an ideal landscape during summers, you could enjoy several water sports, rides, and mouth-watering cuisines at various exotic theme parks. Unwind yourself and experience adventure at various parks in Malaysia.

Popular for its rainforests, and beaches, along with a blend of Chinese, Malay, European, and Indian cultural influences. Malaysia seems to be the most frequently visited Southeast Asian country all over the year, as it offers various exciting things to do. Besides this, the enormous country is home to more than thirty exciting parks that permit travelers to experience wild realms at their best. Discover the charming tropical flora and fauna at various beautiful parks that attract various tourists.

Bako National Park

Bako national park is the most famous park and comes at top of the list of national parks in Malaysia. Serve to be the oldest and smallest national park in Sarawak, the park spreads across an area of 2,727 hectares and is home to almost every species of plant. This enchanting national park is an ideal place for wildlife lovers as it includes streams, rainforests, waterfalls, beaches, tropical plants, and some unique rock formations along with bird watching.

99 Wonderland Park

99 Wonderland park serves as an open concept urban style wildlife park that is spread across 25 acres along with a huge number of animals and attractions all in one place. Enjoy a view of rare animals, a musical dancing fountain, a beautiful landscape, romantic LED lights, along with a vast lake where you could paddle a boat across. Grab 99 Wonderland park tickets and enjoy various things at the park with your family or friends.

Taman Negara Park

Taman Negara park is one of the best parks to visit in Malaysia that is spread across 4,344 sq. km which makes the park one of the oldest rainforests in the world. Popular for various activities such as rapid shooting, canopy walking, fish feeding, caving, trekking, and many more that could amaze you. Moreover, the awesome park is enriched with good-quality chalets, resorts, hostels, and guesthouses. Enjoy your day trip by visiting the most fun-filled park which delivers the most to you.

Gunung Mulu Park

One of Malaysia’s top national parks, Mulu National Park is well-known among tourists for its well-known cave system. The famous Sarawak Chamber is thought to be the world’s largest cave system, with a surface size of roughly 528.64 square kilometers and a capacity for up to 40 Boeing 747 aircraft. In addition, Mulu National Park is home to Clearwater Cave, the eighth-longest cave in the world with a length of around 189 km. On your next trip, do not overlook this magnificent national park, which is regarded as one of Malaysia’s top World Heritage sites.

Langkawi Wildlife Park

Enjoy some fantastic, entertaining, and up-close encounters with our animals as well as a special service from an interior guide who escorted you throughout the park. Touch the animals, feed them, and interact closely with some rare species on a walkway that is completely covered to experience the animals’ senses firsthand. Fetch Langkawi Wildlife park tickets and enjoy your day amidst unique species of flora and fauna.

Tunku Abdul Rahman Park

The best feature of Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park, which sits off the coast of Kota Kinabalu, is that two-thirds of its area is submerged under the ocean. Exploring this national park is made much more appealing by the crystal-pure blue seas. One of the most well-known national parks in Malaysia, Pulau Gaya National Park comprises a collection of five islands: Pulau Gaya, Pulau Sapi, Pulau Manukan, Pulau Mamutik, and Pulau Sulug. It is spread across an area of around 4,929 hectares.

Niah National Park

One of the best national parks in Malaysia is the Niah National Park, which is a great site to visit. This location is a favorite among travelers because of the contrast between the hospitable and warm trees that are full of life and the gloomy and frigid caves. The series of caverns is a very significant archaeological site in Malaysia because it has evidence of human habitation from roughly 40,000 years ago. Both the caves themselves and the peculiar geological structures are breathtaking to view.

Sunway Laguna Amusement Park

Sunway Laguna Amusement Park, regarded as one of Malaysia’s simplest water parks, is a favorite among tourists of all age groups. This entertainment park, which is located about fifteen kilometers from the national capital city, has close to eighty different attractions. The park, which spans 88 acres, is divided into Water Park, Park, Life Park, Extreme Park, and Scream Park. The extremely small African nation of Vuvuzela, Surf Beach, Captain Kids’ Candyland, Gorge Stream Rapids, and other attractions are the main draws.

Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park

One of the prominent parks that is much more thrilling than others is the eagerly awaited park. Visit Genting’s sparkling, new outdoor wonderland, which has many new, thrilling attractions and is reminiscent of the old theme park that many Malaysians remember from their youth. There is a lot to look forward to here because there are numerous dining options, shops, shows, and live entertainment scheduled throughout the day.


This theme park guide can assist you in arranging your journey throughout Malaysia if you are traveling with children. There are hotels or resorts near theme parks for convenience since most theme parks in Malaysia require at least a half-day visit, and some take a full day. Enjoy your itinerary to the fullest which would allow you to take a break from your hectic life schedule. Experience lots of things to do in Malaysia apart from visiting the parks like various adventurous activities.