Online Dispensary 101: A Beginner’s Guide To Buying Cannabis Online

With the legalization of cannabis in several states across the United States, the cannabis market is burgeoning, and the demand for cannabis products has increased significantly. However, buying cannabis can be overwhelming for beginners. With all the choices available, how do you know where to start, especially when buying it online? In this article, we’ll cover the basics of buying cannabis online, so by the end of it, you’ll feel more confident about making your first purchase.

Understand Your State’s Laws 

The first thing you need to keep in mind when purchasing cannabis online is your state’s laws.  Some states allow the legal sale of recreational cannabis, while other states still have strict regulations about the purchase and use of marijuana.  Further, some states don’t permit people to buy marijuana due to concerns about the drug’s negative effects.  In order to avoid potential legal issues, it’s recommended that you learn about state laws and regulations surrounding cannabis use, including where and when it’s legal to buy.

Research the Online Dispensary 

Once you’re aware of your state’s laws, you can start researching what online dispensary are available. Due to the nature of the cannabis market being largely unregulated, there are numerous sketchy websites and vendors to be wary of. You should take the time to research your options, and pay attention to dispensary reviews. Doing research on the online dispensary can also help you determine if the products they sell are of high-quality and genuine. 

Read Reviews

Reading reviews and feedback from other customers is an essential part of researching a dispensary. You want to know what other people have experienced when working with the dispensary to decide if the dispensary is reputable. Reviews tell you a lot about the customer service, product quality, shipping time frames, and the overall customer experience of the dispensary. You can check independent review sites or the dispensary website for any customer reviews.

Compare Prices 

One of the benefits of purchasing cannabis online is the access to comparisons between different websites. You can compare prices of strains, and look for discounts and deals. Before committing to a purchase, you should compare prices at different online dispensaries to ensure that you’re getting the best value for your money.

Place Your Order 

Once you know what you’re interested in and you’ve found a dispensary you trust, the final step is placing your order. The process is fairly straightforward. You’ll be required to fill in your shipment details, billing information, proof of age, product selection, and more. When providing your billing information, make sure the website has SSL security encryption to ensure the safety of your personal data.

The world of cannabis is evolving rapidly, and now more than ever, people are looking to buy cannabis online. For some, it’s a way to avoid the hassle of traveling to a dispensary and the social stigma attached to it. For others, it enables them to access a broader range of products. Whatever your reason for wanting to buy cannabis online, it’s essential to do your due diligence and ensure you’re purchasing from a reputable source. This beginner’s guide will take you through the essentials of buying cannabis online, so you can make an informed decision.

1. Understand the Legalities

Before purchasing cannabis online, it’s crucial to have a clear understanding of the legalities in your state or country. The laws surrounding cannabis use vary from place to place, and in some cases, it remains entirely illegal. Make sure you do your research and find out what the rules are in your area. You don’t want to run the risk of running afoul of the law.

2. Research Online Dispensaries

The internet is awash with online dispensaries, but not all are equal. It’s always a good idea to do some research and read reviews from other users to understand what to expect. Look for dispensaries with a wide range of products, good customer service, and a clean, well-designed website. You can also check if the dispensary has an active social media presence, which often indicates a more authentic and reliable service.

3. Consider Product Quality

One of the advantages of buying cannabis online is that you can access a wider range of products from different producers. However, this also means that it’s essential to pay attention to product quality. Look for dispensaries that offer lab-tested products with clear cannabinoid and terpene profiles. You can also look for organic certifications or ask for proof of the growing process.

4. Check Payment Methods

When buying cannabis online, you’ll often find that there is a wide range of payment methods available, including credit card, PayPal, and Bitcoin. Some dispensaries also offer cash-on-delivery options. It’s important to check which methods are accepted and ensure that they are secure. Additionally, you should check if there are any additional fees or hidden charges associated with particular payment methods.

5. Delivery and Shipping Time

Finally, before making a purchase, you want to check the delivery and shipping time. Some dispensaries offer quick, same-day delivery, while others may take a few days to ship your order. You should also be sure to check the delivery options available to you and whether there are any conditions or restrictions in place. Additionally, check if the dispensary offers order tracking so that you can keep tabs on the progress of your order.


In summary, purchasing cannabis online can be a daunting task for beginners, but it’s worth the effort to research before making a final purchase. Remember to check state laws to ensure that you’re within your rights, research the various online dispensaries available, check customer reviews and feedback, compare prices, and finally, place your order. Hopefully, this guide will help you confidently enter the world of buying cannabis online.

This guide has taken you through the essential steps to consider when buying cannabis online. It’s essential to do your research and ensure you’re purchasing from a reliable and trustworthy dispensary. By taking the time to understand legalities, researching dispensaries, considering product quality, checking payment methods, and assessing delivery time, you’ll be able to make an informed purchase and enjoy all the benefits of high-quality cannabis. Remember to take it slow, and don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have along the way.

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