Nootropic Energy Drink Boosts Mood and Sharpens Memory

Magic mushroom is commonly known for its psychedelic effects. It gives a euphoric and high feeling that can be relaxing when taken at the correct dose.

However, mushrooms can also bring a transcendental or out-of-this-world experience. It makes the user feel oneness with nature and the people around them. This approach is often a part of shamanic or ancestral practices.

Traditional ways to ingest shrooms are by drinking them. They are steeped in hot water and drunk during ceremonies. There are no fancy ways to enjoy mushrooms. But now, we get to try them in all forms.

Today’s Magic Mushroom Products

Although many still like to ingest mushrooms directly, different products are available in the market. You can buy edibles like brownies, chocolates, and gummies. But it doesn’t stop there as you can find a magic mushroom drink or nootropic energy drink.

The beverage products are rapidly growing as people want to enjoy mushrooms’ effects instantly. From coffee to elixir drinks, there are various options of beverages for mushrooms, whether it’s a nootropic, magic mushroom, or medicinal.

What are Nootropics and Energy Drinks?

In today’s fast-paced and technologically advanced environment, people need to put more effort into their work. That means spending almost a day working on getting things done.

However, staying energetic the whole day to keep up with work tasks is overwhelmingly exhausting. It can drain you and, in return, affect the project’s outcome.

People need something to boost their energy to keep up with this continuous working cycle. That’s why they opt for energy drinks or anything that will infuse power.

Energy drinks and nootropics are two of the most popular beverages that can help boost your mind and body’s potential. They can help users go out and be able to focus on work for hours.

But what makes these products so enticing? What if you get both products in one?

Before we find a single product that can offer the benefits of nootropic and energy drinks, let’s know what they can do individually.

What Can Energy Drink Offer?

In general, energy drinks give consumers a more alert and focused effect on their activities. It keeps the brain awake and enhances the function of the body.

The primary ingredient in energy drinks is caffeine. It is the most popular substance that keeps people awake and is present in coffees and teas. But the amount in energy beverages is higher and coupled with other enhancing content.

Taurine and Vit B are two other popular components of the drink. Taurine helps in neurological function, while Vit B helps improve bodily function.

Of course, the reason why people ingest energy drinks is due to their mind-boosting effects. It sharpens their brain and thinking process. Hence, allowing them to stay alert to work on tasks and meet deadlines.

In addition, they are readily available, unlike coffees and teas, which take a couple of minutes to do so. However, despite helping users stay awake and manage to work until late hours, there’s a side effect when taken in excess.

Dangers of Energy Drink in Excess

Energy drinks are high in sugar. Hence, when taken excessively for a long time can lead to obesity. That’s why if you need to work on a project deadline, that’s the only time you should consume the drink.

In addition, studies have shown that excessive consumption can lead to cardiovascular problems such as high blood pressure, arrhythmia, and heart failure. Aside from the heart, excessive drinking can lead to irritability, nervousness, and anxiety.

Like coffee, energy drinks can be addicting, even more than caffeine. That’s why withdrawal symptoms are familiar to those cutting back from its consumption.

Nootropic Drinks and their Power to Influence the Brain

Nootropics are different substances that have a positive effect on the brain. In addition, they promote better functions of neurotransmitters, hormones, and enzymes.

As mentioned, nootropics have different ingredients or substances. Some are natural-occurring from mushrooms or laboratory-made. Using mushroom drinks or natural nootropics will produce a more positive outcome with fewer side effects.

Why Nootropics?

Whether using artificial or natural nootropics, you can enjoy plenty of positive effects. In addition, you can choose from a wide variety of drinks available.

Memory Enhancer

Nootropic substances can improve the retention and recollection of an individual by enhancing neuronal connections. For example, a mushroom drink can help improve long-term memory.

Anti-ageing Effects

It assists in slowing the signs of ageing that affect the brain. It allows the brain’s nerves to fight stress by keeping it calm. When the nerves and neurons are in their relaxed state, it slows down the process of ageing.

Improves Mood

Some nootropic substances like sulbutiamine can help improve a user’s mood by lowering levels of anxiety and depression. Hence, it can help improve how one deals with challenges and


However, taking nootropics in excess can contribute to specific adverse effects. For example, users can develop a dependence on a substance like energy drinks. Other adverse effects in excess can be sleeplessness, diarrhoea, etc.

As you can see, Nootropic drinks have more benefits than energy drinks. However, when both are taken in excess, it can contribute to physical and mental health issues. So, taking them only when you need one is always better.

But what if you want to try both? Is there a beverage where you can use energy drinks to stay alert and nootropics to keep your memory sharp?

Nootropic Energy Drink

Nootropic energy drink is the new way to improve memory and stay alert. Yes, you can enjoy the benefits of two drinks at once instead of drinking loads of energy drinks that contain excessive caffeine.

The content of nootropic beverages like mushroom energy drinks is subtle. You get more natural ingredients than caffeine and taurine.

Bright Future Nootropic Energy Drink Pure Boost 100 mg is an example of an energy drink that contains nootropic substances.

This drink contains electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, and a blend of mushrooms to boost your energy and strengthen your immune system.

In addition, you can enjoy this drink without worrying about calories since they come in a sugar-free formula. You can get a box of Pure Boost at Zoomies Canada. They offer multiple mushroom strains for your psychedelic experience and other products to help boost your energy.


Energy drinks and Nootropics, when taken separately, have each advantage. But when taken together, they offer combined positive effects. For example, Nootropic energy drinks can boost your energy and enhance your memory. You don’t have to choose between the two. Instead, enjoy them in a single pack with loads of positive results.

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