Need YouTube Video Ideas? [Top 7 Youtube Video Ideas]

Uploading your first-ever video on your YouTube channel might seem a daunting task. Plus, for experienced pros, it becomes hefty to come up with more creative and innovative vlogging ideas always. So, whether starting from scratch or aiming at growing your channel, here’s presenting the top 7 new YouTube video ideas. If you are in need of innovation in video vlogging on YouTube, let’s read through the narrative.

Idea 1: Creating YouTube Videos From Scratch

As a newbie in the world of YouTube, your primary focus should be on your introduction. Introduce yourself and talk about the prime motive of your channel. Do you want to work on a set of videos? Well, you can also introduce a series. For instance, you can give product reviews by introducing a series of videos.

Besides filming yourself about your regular regimen, you can also share your journey. Shoot whatever you want to put in your blog. For a business, it is imperative to survey the payment processing companies and their vlogs on the channel.

This will give a better idea about YouTube vlogging for first-timers. Additionally, you can opt for a video challenge, review favorite products, share creative ideas, etc.

Idea 2: Fashion & Beauty Video Ideas

Always consider yourself as someone’s favorite fashionista on YouTube. Otherwise, preparing standalone videos might become more challenging. For fashion vlogging, take your audience shopping through your videos. Window shop and also buy your favorite products in the video.

‘What’s in your wardrobe?’ – have you heard of this ever-popular question on YouTube quite a few times, isn’t it? You could be the one asking the same to your audience and reveal your closet collections!

Start a fashion challenge by joining a trend. Also, you can create how-to videos and give styling tips, tweaks, and hacks. It would be extremely interesting to recreate the looks of your favorite celebrities. Make ‘get-ready-with-me’ videos, and unwrap the fashion tweaks! Besides, you can clear your wardrobe and share wardrobe essentials with your audiences.

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Idea 3: Video Ideas for Movies & TV Shows

It’s interesting to take your fans behind the scene of popular movies or TV shows. You may create reaction videos, anticipations of upcoming or recently launched trailers of the much-awaited TV shows or movies.

What you can also do is explain the whole trailer through a voice-over in a video. In addition to this, you can review your favorite TV show or movie. You can share what you did not like or liked about the movie and ask your fans whether they did the same.

Making a recap video would be a fantastic idea. You can also share the most favorite clips of TV series or movies of your choice.

Idea 4: YouTube Videos for Travel & Adventure

Introduce yourself as a travel aficionado before anything else. After this, you need to explain to your fans how you plan the itinerary and how you budget the spending. All in all, it is imperative to provide your fans with a travel guide.

As vlogs are the most exciting part of the journey, your videos should be presented in such a manner that your audiences think they are right with you in the video. Also, you must be able to explain everything that you’ve done on the trip. Another intriguing way to capture audiences’ eyes in your travel vlogs is by adding simple listicle guides.

Make quick listicles that can leverage the know-how of certain destinations. Shoot your travel documentary right from the journey! Share some travel hacks, bucket list plans, and explore remote and adventurous activities. Showcase the best ways to shoot wonderful photos.

Idea 5: Cookbook YouTube Video Ideas

Cooking and baking videos have acquired immense momentum in recent days. If you are interested in it, you can film yourself while baking or cooking. Cookbook videos are fun, exciting, and interesting to make audiences interested in that particular video or recipe.

You can make miniature as well as giant cooking videos. Also, you may use some traveling tips to showcase the different culinary cultures of different countries. Film videos that narrate important facts and facets, including food delicacies, food habits, food tours, as well as iconic foods.

In the present era, cake décor videos have acquired prominent fame. After all, it’s vibrant, colorful, and eye-catching. Did you know that some baking and cooking videos are even stress-relieving? Yes, besides this, you can also make review videos on cooking accessories, food reviews, and more.

Idea 6: Videos Related to Fitness and Health

Before sharing any health-based videos, it is integral to present your fitness story in the first place. For this reason, you need to tell your fitness goal. You can test fitness challenges and review fitness gadgets too.

Besides filming your workout regimen, you can also focus on healthy food habits or health fads. You can share KETO recipes and other diet-related videos. Another area you can work in is the frequently asked questions (FAQs). Guide your audience with simple questions and answers related to health and fitness.

Make motivational videos with great visuals and incorporate your favorite icon’s inspirational quotes on fitness. Explain the health complications and how staying fit will help prevent further complications. You can also present fitness mistakes in a listicle format too.

Idea 7: Funny Videos for Your YouTube Channel

For funny YouTube video ideas, you need to have a script. Work on pragmatic scenarios of life that don’t leave your audience in splits. Play with prank videos and make your audience laugh out loud.

For animal lovers, funny animal videos will be an impactful decision for your YouTube vlogging. You can also create funny challenge videos.

Additionally, create parodies of favorite songs, shows, and movies by exaggerating for the comic effect. Make funny imitations of your chosen characters!

Summing up

So, these are the top seven ideas that you can put into use for making YouTube videos. Hopefully, the aforementioned video vlogging ideas are enough to start afresh. If you found this post helpful for your next YouTube vlogging, share your comments accordingly.

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