NBA 2K23: our test and some info on the ultimate basketball game

Like every year, NBA 2K has been entitled to its new opus: NBA 2K23. Unveiled at the beginning of August, this new part of the basketball game planned a lot of changes.

Our Test

The beginnings of Take-Two’s legendary NBA game license on the next-gen consoles had us salivating with NBA 2K22. Fans hang on tight, the new iteration of the best current basketball game pushes the slider even further… We had the chance to test the PS5 version, tighten your shoelaces and adjust your ankle straps, we’re on board!

Even more abundant gameplay

And what better way to start this test than to play a friendly match to see if the gameplay has evolved further? I say again since NBA 2K22 had already offered the lucky owners of the next-gen consoles some big changes. If we were conquered by the previous version, we lack qualifiers for this one. 2K has again managed to add additional gestures, in a game that was not lacking in possibilities. There are thus new lay-up options (circle climbs without dunks), an even wider range of dunks (hold on to the hoop, it’s the foot!), and a multitude of defensive options always more realistic (long live counters at full speed). You can get anything if you’re patient enough. But, of course, if you don’t have enough time to do anything needed, we would suggest you buy MT NBA 2K23.

In terms of shot mechanics, the gauge system is still present, but now perfect shots are no longer indicated when they are triggered, but once the ball has landed in the hoop. Suffice it to say that the defender must remain even more vigilant than before on the rebound. The sense of timing is still essential and we will never cease to be amazed by the credibility of the choices of shooting speeds according to the player. You always have the choice between shooting with the square key or the trigger. On the other hand, take even more into account that with the accumulated fatigue, your player will not be able to chain as much as he wants. This very realistic option makes long-distance shots much more complicated to enter.

NBA 2K23 shooting gameplay

The last big change, the takeover (when your team catches fire) is no longer collective, but individual. It is now necessary that each player on the field is in good shape for this option to be activated, then facilitating your shots and technical gestures. Finally, note that many gameplay options can be changed in the settings. In particular, you can remove the shot gauge to avoid giving information to your opponent when you play against a friend.

Improved atmosphere

A criticism that has weighed on the NBA 2K licenses for many years has finally been taken into account. Gone are the atmosphere and the limited animations that did not adapt to the franchise you are playing with or the context. From now on, each NBA room has its own speaker with also some personalized songs. Immersion is still just as effective thanks to even more realistic graphics (especially in terms of game animation). The camera system is also stunning, thanks to the very natural follow-up of the player who carries the ball and numerous movements which always favor this feeling of being on the floor. The lighting has also been refined for a really good final rendering. Special mention to the awesome atmospheres of the Jordan Challenges, which take up the colors and animations specific to each corresponding era, but we will come back to this in the next part on the different game modes.

Finally, it is impossible to evoke the general atmosphere without mentioning the ever-so-brilliant soundtrack. One of the great strengths of the 2K license is confirmed once again, with a perfect soundtrack mainly focused on US rap. There are both Drake and Kodak Black. Small preference for the title Love Nwantiti of CKay for our part! FYI, you can find this complete playlist on Spotify if you want to listen to it outside of your gaming sessions.

Ever denser game modes

Now is the time to discuss the many game modes of this NBA 2K23. Something to satisfy everyone, online players as well as solo. Since 2021, 2K has merged My GM and My League modes to allow players a complete experience. And we can say that NBA 2K23 offers us the climax of this season’s simulation mode. From experience as a fan of sports licenses, I even think I can say that this is the densest mode of this type that I have ever tested. You can therefore choose to embody a single player, a purist option who is – I must admit – not my cup of tea, or a franchise manager. Important precision, all the parameters of your career are modifiable and customizable, which offers many possibilities that make you dizzy: workforce management, transfer periods, Draft options, training phases, contracts of members of the staff…etc. Anyway, if you want to get information about NBA 2K23 MT, you can visit

Aren’t you interested in trying this game?