NBA 2K21 How To Better Play In Center – Basic Elite Center Tips To Know

Here are some NBA 2K21 basic elite center tips on where you should be in in lanes or in a pick and roll or maybe when you’re pressing. You don’t need to cost any NBA 2K MT coins to improve your game experience and can win more matches. Let’s get straight into these tips!

  1. Hedging a screen

When you’re hedging the screen for your lock. You always want to be on the opposite side ready to play wherever he needs help. So if he’s getting caught on the screen you need to show for him until he gets back and when you try to get back to the center depending on if he’s open or not or if someone has rotated for you. You need to find where the rotation has happened and pick up there.

  1. Slip Timing

The second is know when to slip. As you can see right here I get a wide open slip down to the paint and get a free dunk two point, holding the screen for point guard a few times, you can see the center run up literally higher than the lock. So take a free slip to the paint get a free two points.

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  1. Know Where To Be

Just as simple as knowing where to be at certain times on the court as you can see I’m guarding corner pass, so I can steal that and also close enough to where I can drop on the roll and stop the lob and as you can see the teammates fill in for me on the corner whenever I go to drop down on the lob. And I end up getting the steal on the pass and we end up getting a fast break bucket.

  1. Know When To Adjust

We’ve been running that press for a half, we want to switch it up give him another look and you can see he’s down there helping him try to bring the ball up now and I’m not guarding corner now. I’m actually up in the press with them on the center and can see that they’re about to inbound, go and lurk it throw a good pass on the fast break get a good shot and he’s cold, he still needs help bringing the ball up the court. We can see that come down and steal the pass again.

  1. Know The Rotations

Knowing the rotations to make right here. Our game plan is let unit play high on the wing and as soon as the center slips, let the power forward drop on it and pick up corner as you can see unit comes back lurks the pass and we score on the break appreciate.

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