Moving From the UK to Poland – Cheap Removals Deals

Moving from the UK to Poland can be a big decision. Whether you’re leaving because of Brexit or you’re simply a Polish national looking to settle in the UK, you’ll need to do some research before arranging your move.

There are plenty of fake removals brands out there, so it’s important to spot them before committing to a move. The key is to look for a genuine UK based removals brand on the Companies House register.

Cheap Removals Deals

If you are relocating from the UK to Poland, then there are a number of cheap removals deals that you can take advantage of. These are available from genuine brands and from trusted companies that have built a reputation for quality.

A lot of the time, these companies will transport your items directly from your old home to your new one in Poland. This makes them a much safer option than middleman companies, which often employ complicated logistics that can be costly and damaging to your belongings.

This means that you can be confident your furniture will arrive safely and in perfect condition, which is exactly what you want when moving abroad. Getting your items to their new destination is also quick and easy. Just get a quote online and you’ll be matched to the right company for your move.

Genuine Removals Brands

When it comes to arranging your removal from the UK to Poland you should look for genuine removals brands. They’re a good way to save money and make sure your goods get to their new home safely.

A genuine removals company will also make the process of moving your stuff from the UK to Poland as painless and stress-free as possible. They’ll take care of every step, from transporting your goods to customs clearance and delivering them to your new address.

The best way to spot a genuine removals brand is to check the Companies House register. All UK companies that offer international relocation services are required to be listed here.

No Hidden Middleman Fees

If you’re moving from the UK to Poland, you may be looking for a cheap removals deal. But you should be wary of price comparison sites and lead generation services – they often aren’t genuine removals companies, and will charge you more for your removal than if you were to go directly to a genuine, local removals company.

In addition, you should also be aware of customs requirements when bringing your personal items across the border. To avoid problems, make sure your personal items are covered, padded and secure in boxes or suitcases.

For more information on customs, check out this government resource. Lastly, make sure you bring all your documents with you when you move from the UK to Poland. These include your original driving license, insurance papers, ownership certificates and vehicle registration documents.

No Visa Required

Moving to Poland is a great way to experience a vibrant continental European lifestyle with a strong British expat community. The country has overcome a deep economic recession in the last 30 years to become one of the strongest commercial hubs in the EU, with a strong job market and low unemployment rate.

If you’re an EU citizen, you don’t need to apply for a visa to enter the country. This applies to travel for tourism, short-term studies or business meetings.

If you’re not an EU citizen, you may need a visa to visit Poland for longer than 90 days. This is called a ‘D’ visa. You can get this from any Polish embassy in your country.

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