Money, Money, Money: Banking in Betika

Money can՚t buy happiness — that՚s beyond dispute.

However, at Betika, money can buy serotonin, dopamine, and adrenaline, positively affecting your state of mind. Not to mention that you can get your money back by winning.

In this post, it՚s all going to be about money. Thus, among other things, you՚ll get to know the Betika deposit number and options to pay funds in and out on the Kenyan platform.

Is Betika Safe for Sure?

All financial issues often go hand in hand with security concerns, which is understandable.

When it comes to your hard-earned money, you want to be 100% sure that it goes where it՚s supposed to go.

It is even more complicated with online bookmakers. A huge number of different betting companies appear in the market every day. In this poorly controlled flow of offers, punters can easily find themselves in the clutches of scammers.

If you are a Betika customer, you have nothing to worry about. The brand is owned by Shop and Deliver Limited, a Kenyan company with fully licensed operations and about 500 employees.

The business runs in line with Kenyan legislation under license BK0000404 given by the Betting Control and Licencing Board.

In addition to its legal activities, Betika has great prestige among the local community through its social initiatives, sponsorship contracts, and investment projects.

Above that, the company is a zealous advocate for responsible gambling, providing players with comprehensive support through a 24-hour helpline.

All About Deposits

The deposit feature is integral to any betting platform because placing wagers is only possible with money in the player՚s account.

Betika leverages mobile payments for balance refilling, specifically two providers: M-PESA by Safaricom and Airtel Money by Airtel. 

This choice is not accidental because both mobile services own the Kenyan market, with M-PESA՚s overwhelming dominance.

So, the bookmaker offers only two payment methods but several ways to deposit.

Mobile Money

You can top up your Betika account through the service provider՚s app installed on your phone. For this, you only need to know the Betika deposit number, aka business or paybill number. 

Below are instructions for both cases, that is, for punters, having digital wallets in different mobile banks.

Depositing via M-PESA

  1. Open your M-PESA app.
  2. Select “PAY BILL.”
  3. Use “290290” as the paybill number.
  4. Use “BETIKA” as the account number.
  5. Specify the amount of your deposit.
  6. Input your M-PESA PIN.

Depositing via Airtel

  1. Go to your Airtel app.
  2. Choose “Airtel Money.”
  3. Tap on “Make Payments.”
  4. Pick the pay bill option.
  5. Use “BETIKA” as the business name.
  6. Add the amount to pay in.
  7. Insert your Airtel PIN.
  8. Enter “betika” as the reference.


You can also put money into your Betika account directly on the platform. This is what the “Deposit” button is for.

All you need is to log in, input the amount, confirm your action, and complete the process on your phone with the PIN code.


By dialing *644#, you can opt for the deposit method and indicate the amount you wish to recharge.

All About Withdrawals

The withdrawal function is crucial for gamblers because everyone wants to receive winnings quickly and easily.

As in the case of deposits, the bookie resorts to mobile payments and allows customers to decide for themselves how to pull out their money.


Whether you use the Betika website or mobile app, you can always find the necessary functionality in the “Profile” section. Withdrawals are there, too.

To send a withdrawal request on the platform, you need to perform a few simple steps:

  1. Sign in with your Betika account.
  2. Click “Profile” and go to withdrawals.
  3. Key in the amount you wish to withdraw.
  4. Confirm the request and then refresh the page. 


Withdrawal via USSD is available only for M-PESA subscribers. They can get their earnings by dialing *644# and following the on-screen instructions. 


Betika has successfully implemented some of its functionality via SMS, including registration, wagering, and withdrawal.

Safaricom and Airtel customers can draw out funds by sending the text message “WITHDRAW#AMOUNT” to 29090.

For instance, if you want to pick up your won 100 Kenyan shillings, SMS “WITHDRAW#100.” 

Withdrawal Limits

Service provider Minimum amount Maximum amount Withdrawal amount from 12:00 AM to 6:00 AM
M-PESA 50 KES 300,000 KES daily 30,000 KES
Airtel Money 50 KES 30,000 KES daily 10,000 KES

As for bonuses, you are not allowed to withdraw them, except for the Jackpot bonus.

When withdrawing, it՚s essential to remember that mobile operators may charge fees according to their tariffs.

Quick Recap

Easy-to-understand mobile payments, simple steps to make money operations, and secure transactions — that՚s banking in Betika in a nutshell.

Here, you can buy positive emotions through affordable and fascinating entertainment. And with that, you have an excellent chance to win money and take it swiftly and conveniently.

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