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Bettors often face a problem when the betting site does not work. This happens for both desktop and mobile versions. In this article, we will find out why this phenomenon affects Mostbet uz players and consider how to log in without blocking to the official website of the bookmaker.

Why is Mostbet blocked?

Before describing the ways to resume access to the working Mostbet site, let’s find out the reasons for the blocking. Note! Our resource does not recommend you to use bookmaker mirrors!

How to find an up-to-date mirror?

In the context of blocking bookmakers, the term “mirror” is often used.

So it is customary to call the alternative address of the office, which differs from the official one only by the domain name. Therefore, the mirror cannot be downloaded, as many bettors mistakenly believe.

The working mirror of Mostbet is the development of a betting company. This is an absolutely safe site, so you should not worry about the safety of your own money.

It is extremely problematic to track the actual addresses of mirrors. So the best way to search is:
to the Mostbet support service. Employees of the technical department will promptly give you a list of alternative office addresses that are valid today;

  • go to the pages of BC in social networks. Sometimes information about mirrors appears there;
  • in exactly the same way, you can find out the current mirror of the mobile version of Mostbet.

Other ways to access Mostbet

In addition to mirrors, you can resort to using other methods to bypass blocking. The best of them is to play on a legal site. There are many more advantages compared to an offshore bookmaker. If there is a great desire to play on, the following methods will help to resume access:

  • Anonymizers. These are special resources that can change the user’s current IP address;
  • VPN. Perform a function similar to the previous method. Usually found as downloadable software. A virtual private network works smoothly, but often the use requires a monthly fee – no more than $ 10;
  • Tor. Browser for anonymous surfing the web. Masks IP, completely free.

We do not recommend using this software.

Frequently asked Questions

Where can I find the current link of BC Mostbet?
Contact the support service of the bookmaker. Support will provide you with all addresses.

Is it possible to replenish the account through the Mostbet mirror?
Yes, all the functions of the main resource are available on the mirror site, including replenishment of the balance.

If I have a Mostbet account, do I need to register again when using a mirror?
No, you can access the mirror site of BC Mostbet through your account.

Which mirrors should not be used?
We do not recommend you to use bookmaker mirrors in principle. However, if the situation forces, it is worth remembering the signs of a fraudulent resource.

Internet connection with mirrors of bookmakers, in particular, the Mostbet mirror, must be secure – https://. Entering any payment data on a resource with an unencrypted connection is very risky, because your data can easily fall into the hands of scammers.

  • Fraudulent sites have a short period of work – up to 1-1.5 years.
  • A large number of factual, grammatical, stylistic errors should already alert.
  • There are competitions in the line that have long ended. News on the resource is irrelevant.
  • When you try to replenish your account on a fraudulent resource, the bank blocks the operation.
  • If you notice one or more of these signs, you should stop using such a mirror.

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