Matters needing attention when purchasing shower screen

Points to note when choosing a shower screen? 1. The structure can be divided into three forms: framed, semi-frameless and frameless:

  • Framed: 

The metal frame is mainly made of aluminum alloy frame or stainless steel, and the door body the plates are tempered glass (4, 6, 8mm thick). When purchasing, pay attention to whether the surface is scratched, whether the frame material joints are tight, and whether there is a decorative plastic or metal cover on the top of the outer frame whether the switch is smooth.


  • Semi-frameless: 

semi frameless shower screen is the outer frame is made of a small amount of aluminum alloy frame or stainless steel, and the door body is mainly made of tempered glass.


  • Frameless type:

 It is mainly composed of hinges, fixing clips, hardware and tempered glass. Because it is a frameless design, the material of the solid wall must be designed so that the verticality and horizontality are required to be high, such as Partition or integral bathroom, strengthen the hinge fixing ability; otherwise there will be safety hazards.

 Tempered glass:

Tempered glass is heated at 650-700 degrees Celsius in a high-speed air-cooling process, which finally makes the expansion impact activity 3~5 times stronger than ordinary glass and is not easy to hurt people when broken. However, tempered glass has a shortcoming, the corners are afraid of shocks and knocks. In addition, most people think that the thicker the glass, the better. In fact, as long as it can pass the former test, the thinner glass is beneficial to the service life of the product (the heavier the glass, the greater the burden on the pulleys and hinges) and safety. Generally speaking, 4~5mm tempered glass is used for framed glass doors, and 6~8mm tempered glass is sufficient for semi-frameless and frameless doors.

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How to choose a massage shower screen?

Precautions for purchase of shower screen 1. First of all, we must know the components of the shower screen and what are the characteristics and functions, so that we can choose, usually: waterfall, top spray, back spray, hand shower, etc., The purpose of knowing these is that many shower screens on the market may not have these functions. You must understand and understand all the choices.

  • The current shower screen specifications are not uniform, from 1300mm to 2000mm in height. How to choose the height of the shower screen at this time? At present, the ordinary shower screen is made of 304 steel stamping, and there is no height adjustment when all options are available. There are several points to refer to, whether the position of the back spray is just right, and whether the top spray takes care of the height of the person, choose according to the height of the family! 3. The door opening method, many people like to choose the sliding door, in fact, the sliding door is relatively easy to break, The best choice is to open the door, which is safer and more durable.
  • Glass, must choose toughened glass, it is not easy to break, even if it bursts, the toughened glass will be broken with small particles without sharp angles, which will not hurt people.  Be sure to choose high-quality stainless steel products with good strength. Other hinge clips, glass clips, etc. 

What are the purchase tips for bathroom shower and room decoration?

 The decoration of the bathroom shower room 1. The decoration of the shower room is complicated, and it is not easy to decorate. You should make a design before the bathroom decoration, make the wiring in advance, and set up the protection switch device to avoid the future The use of buries potential leakage hazards, endangering their own safety. 2. When buying a shower room, you must pay attention to the size. You should choose a suitable product based on the area and height of your bathroom. The shower room is too low or too high will give people uncomfortable feeling. Generally speaking, the height of the shower room is about 2.1 meters, and you need to add 10 cm when installing. At this time, you need to consider your own bathroom when choosing the height of. 3. When choosing, the glass of the shower room is very important, but it does not mean that the thicker the glass, the better. Generally speaking, the glass used in the shower room with swing doors is relatively large, and the stability is relatively poor. Therefore, you should choose a later point, preferably larger than 5 cm; and showers such as fan-shaped, diamond-shaped, square, movable doors, etc. Choose 5 cm thick glass for the room.

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