Marijuana Packaging Labels: What You Need to Know

With legalization becoming more widespread, the marijuana industry has grown significantly in the past few years. Given its profitability and potential for growth, many people are considering getting into the marijuana business. However, it’s getting harder to make your brand stand out, which is why you’ll need to do everything you can to get the attention of cannabis enthusiasts. Product packaging plays a huge role in finding success, so it’s important to invest in quality containers, stickers, labels, and other packaging materials. If you’re unsure how to package your products, read on to learn everything you need to know about marijuana packaging labels.

How should you package your marijuana products?

Packaging marijuana products properly can be tricky. You want your products to look appealing while also conveying enough information about the product itself to inform consumers. There are also specific rules and regulations for the labeling of cannabis products in the United States which you’ll need to be aware of.

The marijuana packaging laws in the U.S. vary from state to state, and it’s important that your packaging abides by all applicable laws and regulations. Common requirements include child-resistant tops, a detailed information panel and ingredient list, the net weight, and an estimate of how much THC the product contains. These laws apply to marijuana products, not to cannabis products like CBD derived from hemp. The licensee may also have to include the name of their store and license number.

If you’ve been to a dispensary before, you’ve probably seen the pre roll tubes that they use to store joints and blunts. These joint and blunt tubes are essential for keeping the product fresh. They have child-resistant packages and can help minimize the cannabis odor. Your tubes will need pre roll labels, and it’s a good idea to invest in professional packaging services. You can create your own design for your roll labels; then, a professional can ensure that your packaging and labels are fully compliant with state law.

Label information is just as important as how you pack your products. You’re likely to need several different sizes of containers and labels for your pre rolls. You may even find you need a custom size depending on what products you sell and the size of your cones. It’s also smart to get specific strain sleeves so consumers can differentiate your pre roll joints, hash, cones, blunts, and cartridges visually without needing to read the outer container. A generic label won’t do anything to help establish your product identity for marijuana users and caregivers.

Where can you learn more about the marijuana industry?

It can be hard to find reliable information about the use of marijuana and the marijuana industry generally. American Marijuana is one great resource for business owners, growers, and individuals who enjoy cannabis for personal use. They have everything from news to cultivation to developments in the legalization process for recreational use and medical use. They also offer product reviews that can help those curious about cannabis products learn more about which brands they may want to try.

It’s a good idea to tell your customers to check with their doctor before trying cannabis products or experimenting with marijuana use. A doctor can educate them about the effects of marijuana and how it may impact any of their health conditions or interact with the medications they take.

Your top priority when creating a pre roll package is compliance with all state and local laws. This can mean satisfying several requirements on your product label, from including a list of ingredients to the amount of THC in the product on the primary panel. Creating custom pre roll labels for marijuana items like joints and blunts can help attract customers and build a brand identity. The reality for any marijuana business is that attractive and functional packaging can make a big difference when it comes to helping your products stand out from the competition.

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