Luvme hair—Glueless Wigs, Deep wave, and Human hair wig

For the longest of times, wigs have been an option for women for various reasons. It could be to cover hair tanning, aid in beauty enhancement, or help women with very full hair get by.

But with lots of trendy wigs making new waves, deciding what wig to purchase can be confusing. Plus, your chances of getting bad hair is heightened. To avoid buying hair that you may not like, it’s often best you purchase your hair from a reputable hair brand that’s willing to offer you more for less—luvme hair.

With luvme hair, you can always switch up styles and colors. Plus, there’s always something for every woman. Here are some luvme hair you can purchase on your next buy:

  1. Glueless wigs
    1. Key features of a glueless wig
    2. Kinds of glueless wig
    3. Why choose a glueless wig
  2. Deep Wave wigs
    1. Key features of a deep wave
  3. Short Human hair wigs
  4. Amazing wig care tips

Glueless Wig

Glueless wigs, as the name implies, are wigs without glues and adhesives. They are known for having adjustable straps, combs, and clips for adequately securing the wig to the head.

Glues and adhesives have many disadvantages as they can cut your natural hair, irritate your scalp, or damage your hairline.

Key Features

A Glueless wig comes with an adjustable elastic strap at the back, allowing easy fitting adjustment. The hairs are pre-plucked to give a natural hairline. While the clips help secure the wig to a position.

Kinds of Glueless Wigs

Lace Frontals

A lace frontal is a lace hairpiece covering the hairline from ear to ear. They are usually 13 inches across the ear and 4 inches to the back. Lace frontals give protection and comfort to the scalp.

Full lace wigs

It is called full lace because the lace material entirely covers the head, making it more breathable. This gives the wig a more defined outlook, like growing from your natural hair.

Why Choose Glueless Wigs?

The benefits of wearing a glueless wig are many. Here are some of them:


Glueless wigs are pretty affordable, giving you every worth for your purchase.

Natural-looking Hairline

Gone are the days when wigs looked so wiggy. These days, every woman wants to wear her wig looking all-natural and beautiful. Our glueless wigs are pre-plucked to look just like your natural hairline. You can part it anyway like you wear your hair.

Provide Proper Ventilation

Glueless wigs provide proper ventilation because of the lace material underneath.


Glueless wigs come in an array of styles, cut, and color.

Requires Low Maintenance

You won’t need to spend much to maintain your glueless wig. If you’d love to keep your edges intact; while looking stylish and trendy as ever, check out these glueless wigs trends:

  • The 13×4 Lace Frontal Deep Wave Wig is a trendy glueless wig that fits any occasion. Has high quality, complete and thick, and bouncy with healthy ends
  • Gorgeous 5×5 Lace Glueless Loose Wave Lace Wig; shiny and beautiful
  • 5×5 Issa Short Water Wave Side Part Glueless Lace Wig; perfect for summer

Deep Wave Wigs

Deep wave wigs are said to be in between curls and straight hair. The curls are wavy and shiny, moving from the root to the tip in a regular pattern.

Deep waves give a classy and chic appearance. They add more luster to your look than body waves do.

Deep wave wigs come in a variety of styles. Many others include summer Style Deep Wave, Headband Deep Wave, and deep wave lace frontal.

Key Features of Deep Wave Wigs

  • Does not tangle easily
  • Loose and smooth waves
  • Neat wavy appearance
  • All curls move in a defined pattern
  • Shiny and bouncy
  • Last longer

Short Human Hair Wigs

A Short Human hair wig is another way of revamping your look, especially during summer. They are mostly 10 inches long or less.

Human hair wigs are 100% unprocessed and remarkably soft and lustrous, unlike synthetic ones. They can last for a very long time.

Thankfully, for all of the wig types mentioned here, Luvme hair offers the very best quality.

If you’re a lover of human hair, luvme hair offers a large variety of short human hair wigs for women who love to switch up their styles. Short colored wigs, bobs, pixie bobs, short curly, etc. Rest assured, whatever wig you wish to own, luvme hair has got you covered.

Amazing Wig Care Tips

You must take care of your wig if you want your wig to last longer. Here are some wig care tips to help you:

  1. Don’t wear a wig repeatedly; try switching up wigs at intervals to reduce pressure caused by constant combing and brushing.
  2. Carefully wash your wigs from top to bottom to avoid tangling. Do this the same way you wash your hair.
  3. Do not apply heat on your wigs often. It’s preferable to let your wig air dry.
  4. Condition your wig with a quality conditioner and light natural oils.
  5. Put your wigs in a braid after use. Please don’t leave them unbraided else; they will tangle easily.


Luvme hair offers you more for less. You will get the best wig construction that’s comfortable, soft, breathable, and pocket-friendly.  We also offer free shipping worldwide via Express. Do well to shop our wigs today. There’s something for everyone.

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