Looking For the Best Inverter Batteries in India? Here Is a List of Some of The Most Reliable Batteries

The market is flooded with a variety of brands when it comes to inverter batteries and with so many options to choose from, we are bound to get confused as to which one is the best inverter battery in IndiaThe answer is simple, it all boils down to an individual’s needs and requirements and how much power backup is required in case the lights go out.

Luminous which is one of India’s market leaders in power backup has a range of batteries to serve different needs and requirements. The batteries are made using cutting-edge technology to deliver unhindered continued power backup even in prolonged conditions with heavy usage.

1. Luminous Gel Battery – IGSTJ18000

Priced at  MRP of ₹22050 this GEL battery from Luminous provides exceptional power backup in areas where long power cuts are the norm. This is ideal for homes looking for the best inverter battery in India that requires zero maintenance and has a very Zero operational cost.

Moreover, this battery has zero spillage meaning there is no fear of harmful acid spilling over also this battery emits lesser fumes and gases. If you want a good battery backup with peace of mind, this is the battery you should go for.

  • Reliable backup delivery
  • Improved power due to more back-up per discharge cycle
  • Longer life
  • Zero maintenance
  • Lesser Gas emission and environment conscious

2. Combo – Luminous Zolt 1100 + RC25000

Priced at ₹25,119 the Luminous Zolt 1100 + RC2500 is a combination of 900 VA home inverter and tubular battery with a 36-month warranty and is best suited for homes with long power cuts. It has an LED display that accurately displays power backup status and battery charging time and has built-in MCB functionality to protect your mains from getting fried.

Moreover, the bypass switch ensures direct output supply from the grid in case of any faults in the inverter. If you live in an area where the power cuts last for a longer period and you want to run multiple appliances at the same time for extended periods, this best inverter battery in India can get the job done.

  • 32-bit DSP Processor Safe for sensitive appliances with sine wave output
  • MCB for protection from Input mains
  • Bypass switch (Supply from grid in case of inverter fault).
  • Battery- RC25000
  • Built using rugged tubular plates
  • Ideal for long and frequent power cuts
  • Minimum maintenance

  • Luminous Battery 180 Ah – ILTJ24036

This is another popular choice from Luminous – the battery 180 Ah- ILTJ24036 is a higher-end tubular battery priced at MRO of ₹21500. Built to power big homes and shops during long power outages, this battery delivers high performance. So, this is amongst the best battery for inverter in case you have high usage and want a reliable backup for a large number of electronic appliances during long power outages.

  • Built to deliver high performance
  • Comprises tubular plates for a longer service life
  • Necessitates minimum maintenance
  • Ideal for areas with long and frequent power cuts

Always buy a battery that’s best suited to your requirement, as an underpowered battery won’t meet your power expectations and a battery with more power will cost you more. Luminous has an extensive range of the best inverter battery in India for every budget and you should check out their entire range to choose a battery that’s a perfect fit for your home backup requirement.

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