Looking at freemium games and their popularity

As gaming becomes more popular, so do freemium games. If you’re not sure what they are, here’s an explanation, and a look at why they are so popular.

What is a freemium game?

A freemium game is free to download and play but will have purchase options to help players get further along in the game, quicker than they would without paying. One popular example of this is Candy Crush. The game is free to play and has a limited number of lives on each device before needing to wait for these to be replenished. However, players can pay for more lives, and boosters, which will help them complete levels they are struggling with.

With casino games, players might play a freemium game to practice or just to pass the time. To access more features or get greater benefits from the games, players can make in-app or in-game purchases. This gives people the chance to play games with no financial commitment if they choose not to spend money.

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The chance to succeed based on skill

For some players, the challenge is to complete more perplexing parts of the game or puzzle without making in-app purchases. The sense of achievement gained from completing a level they were previously stuck on, or figuring out a solution to a problem, can increase the fun of gaming.

Playing against other players

If a game becomes stilted, players will lose interest. So, by having a leaderboard, freemium games encourage players to compete against each other, giving them another goal. The game can keep its appeal by encouraging players to make purchases to help them make progress and climb higher up the leader board.

Having more control over gaming

Freemium games are also popular because players can feel more in control, of both the outcome and their spending. If they choose to rely on skill and overcome the challenges without spending money, they can do this by putting in more time and effort. However, if they want to complete the level quicker, they can make purchases to give them extra help. These are usually inexpensive compared to regular casino games or subscriptions. The player has more control over how much they spend and how often. They only pay for the help they need to make progress in the game when they are ready to pay for extra help.

The rest of the time, they can continue to play for free, and some freemium games still offer rewards for completing levels and challenges, even for players who don’t make purchases.

Freemium games are becoming more popular, because they can be played for free or at low cost. The players can rely on their abilities to learn and improve or choose to pay. Because of this, they can feel more in control compared to playing traditional casino games.

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