Libra Tattoo Ideas: 20+ Brilliant Libra Tattoo Ideas to Try in 2022

In astrology, Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac and represents balance, beauty, and justice. If you’re looking for a tattoo that symbolizes these concepts, look no further than the Libra constellation.

Check out these 20+ Libra tattoo ideas for some inspiration:

1. A Libra Half-Sleeve Tattoo with a Crown and Rose

This is one of the most popular Libra tattoos. The crown symbolizes royalty, which is essential to the sign. The rose is a symbol of beauty and balance.

2. A Crowned Libra Head Tattoo

This Libra tattoo features a head, which is the most conventional element of this constellation. The crown also comes with two swords that represent justice.

3. A Circle of Scales Tattoo on the Arm

This very simple Libra tattoo symbolizes balance and beauty through its circle of scales. This tat is perfect for those who want something smaller but meaningful.

4. Libra Sleeve Tattoo featuring Flowers and Butterflies

This sleeve features butterflies, flowers, and even an angel to go along with the sign’s theme of beauty, balance, and harmony.

5. A Large Libra Head Tattoo Portraying a Crown

This large head is very popular with the sign. The crown is made up of roses to represent beauty and justice, while the scales symbolize balance.

6. A Sexy Libra Tattoo on the Tricep

The curvaceous bodies of this line tattoo are representative of femininity. At their center are two angels holding balancing scales. This piece is quite eye-catching!

7. A Half Sleeve Illustration of a Balancing Scales Tattoo

This Libra tattoo is an excellent way to cover your whole arm without going overboard with the symbolism involved in the image itself.

8. The Sign’s Symbol with Two Swords and a Crown

This Libra tattoo is perfect for those who want to show off the sign’s symbolism. The crown, scales, and swords all come together in one small tatt.

9. A Side-Shaved Libra Tattoo with Wings and Roses

The wings of this Libra tattoo extend across the wearer’s side and onto her back through roses to form a balanced image that also portrays femininity well.

10. A Large Crown Tattoo on the Bicep

Whether you’re into large or small tattoos, this piece will undoubtedly fit your style well due to its boldness and design elements — it just screams simplicity! 

11. A Heart-Shaped Libra Head Tattoo

12. A Classy Libra Tattoo on the Arm

This simple line tattoo is a more toned-down version of the classic crowned head. The sharp edges and clean lines help to drive home the image of beauty, balance, and class that this sign is known for.

13. A Subtle Libra Butterly Tattoo

The small nature of this piece makes it perfect for those with a large collection of tattoos already or those who want something less obvious on their skin. This subtle piece also works well as a filler if you have an empty space where another tat may go someday.

14. A Sexy Full Sleeve Libra Tattoo Outlining Three Women

15. A Classy Libra Crown Tattoo Coming Off the Shoulder Blade

This Libra tattoo comes with a half-sleeve appearance that really allows the crown, scales, and roses to come into play. The three angels are also representative of femininity.

16. A Libra Half Sleeve Illustrating Four Roses

This piece is full of symbolism including the four roses at its center which symbolize beauty, peace, harmony, and love. The large wings are also very fitting for this sign known for being airy and graceful.

17. An All-Over Crown Tattoo Coming Off the Wrist

The all over design approach to this piece keeps it classy but eye catching at the same time! It covers much of the wearer’s arm without overwhelming her or anyone who views it with imagery associated with the sign.

18. A Libra Butterfly Tattoo with a Crown Wrapping Around the Wrist

19. Three Roses and a Balance Scale Coming off the Hip

20. An All-Over Chest Tattoo of a Libra Head and Flowers

This classic shoulder tattoo represents femininity as well as balance, beauty, and harmony with its crown, scales, roses, and wings all coming together in one piece!

21. The Sign’s Name with Scales Coming off the Finger

If you’re looking for something smaller but meaningful enough to represent you as an individual then this little gem is perfect for you! Branded tattoos are also growing in popularity so now everyone will know what Zodiac sign you are without asking!

22. A Libra Crown Tattoo Coming off the Rib

This rose beauty comes with the crown of the scales wrapped around it perfectly. The roses are representative of femininity while harmony is symbolized by the way they work together for balance.

23. A Big Libra Butterfly Tattoo on the Side

24. A Sexy Half Sleeve Libra Tattoo Fitting Across the Shoulder Blade

If you’re looking to show off your sign’s symbol then this hand-drawn tatt is perfect for you! This design covers much of the wearer’s arm but still leaves room for other tats if desired.

So whether you’re thinking of getting a Libra tattoo or are just curious about what they represent, check out libra daily horoscope for inspiration.

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