Latest Gold ring design for men and women

If you are big into fashion, then you know that accessories are a key complement of your outfit, having the power to make or break a look, meaning that the right bracelet and rings can actually take your styling experience to the next level. When it comes to jewelry pieces there are some timeless pieces that will always be among the preferred options, and in this regard gold takes the first place. Let’s face it, nothing beats a nice manicure paired with a beautiful gold ring because it accentuates your hands and adds character to your image, if using an adequate design according to the event, and this applies for both ladies and gentlemen. 

From the golden age of Hollywood, some of our favorite stars like Marilyn Monroe, Liz Taylor, Rita Hayworth, Elvis Presley and Clark Gable, have shown us how golden rings add a touch of boldness and personality to our look. In current times, some newer fashion icons keep the trend of wearing gold rings going, such as Hailey Bieber and Harry Styles, to name a few. In this article, we will show you the most recent and nicest gold rings that you can’t miss for this year, whether you are a male or female. So, keep reading and get ready to shine.

1. Clean and modern design for men

This is a very aesthetic and strong shape that will fit most men in your life as it can be used in a variety of occasions, complementing both simple and sophisticated persons by adding a unique and neat touch.

2. A classic signet ring

One of the best options when you want to give a thoughtful gift to a man you appreciate, is to buy him a customized, handmade signet design like this one, adding a meaningful symbol or letter. He is going to love it.

3. The simple but perfect band ring

Needless to say that this traditional shape is the best to use as a wedding ring. Most men like plain designs when it comes to choosing jewelry pieces. The simplicity of this ring made out of pure gold allows you to fully appreciate the glossy texture.

4. Love is in the air

This absolutely precious heart shape makes a clear romantic statement. Probably the best way to improve a gold ring is by adding gemstones, which makes it the perfect for a gift if you want to surprise that special woman in your life, or even if you want to treat yourself.

5. A delicate accessory

This is an amazing example that sometimes small details make such a big difference. With a beautiful celtic design, this little ring is especially recommended for a marriage proposal if your girl loves to look femenine.

6. Give it a twist of glamor

Getting your marriage ring doesn’t mean that you have to stick to certain rigid rules, a creative way of keeping an elegant style while being original is by selecting a delicate ring design that features a slightly criss-crossed shape.