Kiteboarding Schools in Spain Favorite Spanish Kitesurfing Lessons

Have you been wanting to give kitesurfing a try, or maybe take your skills to the next level, but don’t want to travel far? Well then, you may want to choose Spain for your next trip!

Wind, speed, sea, and aerial flips… Kitesurfing on the beach provides you with an adrenaline boost! Come to Spain and experience it, where the coast is surrounded by beaches so you may practice or learn this wonderful sport. Spain is windy throughout the year because of its location. During the hot summer months, there are thermal winds, and in the winter, powerful storm winds.

The first thing to remember is that kitesurfing should only be done on beaches that are ideal for water activities, are well-marked with buoys, and consider the presence of swimmers. In this regard, several beaches prohibit the sport during the busiest seasons of the year, including weekends & summer months. In any event, you should always kiteboard away from people and within 150 meters of no obstacles.

If this is your first time kitesurfing, you must do so with the help of a school or an official instructor. The majority of introductory kiteboarding courses in Spain and Tarifa run at least two days. If you don’t know how to manage your kite precisely, don’t go out on the water.

The Canary Islands and Tarifa are among the best sites in the world to learn to kitesurf, and they’re all within easy driving distance of Europe’s major cities. Let’s take a look at some of Spain’s top kiting schools, where you can harness the wind’s force at practically any time of year.

Spain’s Top Kitesurfing Schools:

1. Costa Blanca Kite School

Costa Blanca Kiteschool has developed its unique teaching style that is tailored to the individual needs of each student. Since each student develops at a different rate, they feel that this sport’s instruction should be tailored to each individual.

During the kitesurfing lesson, the student and his instructor will meet in tandem mode. The learner can be continuously observed in the water, with the instructor supervising the exercises in real time and correcting any errors.

Their training technique complies with sea safety regulations. They believe that the primary goal of this activity is to keep people safe. As a result, navigation theory is included in their curriculum.

2. Addict Kite School

Go learn to kitesurf in Tarifa with their team of IKO-certified French instructors. Their kiteboarding school will provide you with high-quality lessons each day, all while maintaining a pleasant atmosphere. They’re one of the few schools in Tarifa that offers lessons about this sport in French.

They understand that everybody else learns in different ways and at their own pace because of their previous teaching experience. As a result, each of their kitesurfing classes is unique. They adjust to each of you because your progress during the lessons is important to them and is a top priority.

3. Tarifa Max Kitesurfing School

Tarifa Max has been teaching kiteboarding in Tarifa since 1998 and has developed a distinctive teaching method. Their team has a lot of experience in both IKO & FAV. Their goal is to make a positive difference in people’s lives by bringing them closer to nature and the sea.

Their kitesurfing teachers will assure a rapid advancement in safety & fun, taking you to the sea in 2 hours, using a combination of vast expertise and newly developed techniques. Their commitment is to be your kiteboarding supervisor on the water.

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