kelly bates asks supporters not to take out their anger on nbc 10 …

Kelly Bates, the former candidate for Rhode Island’s lieutenant governor, recently made a plea to her supporters to not take out their anger on NBC 10. Bates was disqualified from the race due to an error in her paperwork, and her supporters were quick to voice their outrage.

Kelly Bates Pleads with Supporters

Kelly Bates took to Twitter to ask her supporters to not lash out at NBC 10, after the station reported on her disqualification from the race for lieutenant governor. In her tweet, she made it clear that she was not blaming the station for her disqualification, and instead thanked them for their coverage.

She also asked her supporters to direct their anger to the Board of Elections instead, as they are the ones who ultimately made the decision to disqualify her. Bates’ tweet was met with overwhelming support from her supporters, with many praising her for her class and professionalism in the face of the unfortunate news.

NBC 10 Receives Backlash

Unfortunately, not all of Bates’ supporters heeded her plea. NBC 10 has since received a barrage of criticism from Bates’ supporters, who are accusing the station of being unfair and biased. Many have been quick to point out that NBC 10 has been critical of Bates in the past, further fueling their outrage.

The station has responded to the criticism by reiterating that they are simply reporting the facts and doing their job as a news outlet. Despite this, the backlash has continued, forcing the station to take extra measures to ensure the safety of their staff.

Overall, Kelly Bates’ plea to her supporters has been met with mixed reactions. While some have applauded her for her class and professionalism, others have criticized her for not taking a stand against NBC 10. Regardless of the outcome, it is clear that Kelly Bates’ disqualification has sparked an intense debate among her supporters.

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