Jobs in Riyadh – the capital city of Saudi Arabia

The Middle East is becoming more and more popular as the working destination.

Employment within the Middle East companies can become quite an exciting experience of your lifetime. And if you are considering taking a job in the Middle East, Saudi Arabian capital city of Riyadh can be an excellent opportunity.

Situation with migration

 With 34 million people population almost one-third out of this 34 are immigrants. Following the sample of its neighbor – Katar – in November 2020 the Saudi Arabia government announced huge changes in the immigration law and employment system for immigrants. The new rules have come into force in March 2021. The new system will affect approximately 7 million working immigrants including employees working in construction, IT, and trade spheres. Unlike the previous system, now these workers are not required to request permission to leave or re-enter Saudi Arabia.  

Saudi Arabia Riyadh

Though there are a lot of job opportunities in Saudi Arabia in general, the most attractive ones are concentrated within the city of Riyadh. Being the capital city of Saudi Arabia, it is and the biggest city on the Arabian Peninsula.

Top Jobs

The majority of job openings in Saudi Arabia Riyadh are in the oil and gas industry. However, after the changes that started in November last year, Saudi Arabia is intending to shift the focus from oil and gas industry to decrease the country’s dependence on oil and gas export. Here are some vacancies you can review to understand the opportunities of employment at Saudi Arabia Riyadh. The other spheres, the foreign employees find attractive are construction, finance, IT, education, and telecommunications.

No experience, no job?

It is worth mentioning that unlike the oil and gas industry, where it is rather difficult to get hired without previous experience, construction, IT, and education spheres enjoy great demand on skilled employees so you can  get a job right after graduation. 


Saudi Arabia Riyadh offers great salaries for the talented and experienced employees.

The most highly paid openings are of course in oil and gas industry where qualified and experienced engineers can earn up to $ 80 000,00 a month  jio rockers.

In spheres like banking and IT the managers salaries range from $10 000 to $ 15 000,00 a month.

Saudi Arabia Riyadh also offers great salary opportunities for those involved in project management, media and public relations, advertising and creative design. The salaries of the employees in these fields are within $ 10 000,00 -12 000,00 a month. 


Though English is essential for working at a big international company, your chances to get a good and a well-paid job in Saudi Arabia Riyadh increase if you know at least basic level of Arabic language. Since courtesy is much more important and valued in oriental countries, it will be great to learn at least the very basics of Arabic language. And once in Saudi Arabia Riyadh you can start attending a language school to enhance your Arabic.

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