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Janu Nuvvekkada

Movie Information:
Starring : Sanju, Pavitra
Director : Suresh Sabne
Music : Murali Leon
Language : Telugu
Bit Rate : 320kbps & 128kbps
Release Year : 2016

Janu Nuvvekkada Music Download Links

Strawberry Song – Download
Singer By: Sravana Bhargavi, Dhanunjay

Urime Merupai Song – Download
Singer By: Revanth

Kalakatta Kali Song – Download
Singer By: Geetha Madhuri, Jangi Reddy

Yedane Chuttindhi Song – Download
Singer By: Sravana Bhargavi

Janu Nuvvekkada Jukebox Download Zip

Janu Nuvvekkada.Zip

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