Is RELX Better Than Vape?

RELX provides an exceptional vaping experience at a fair cost, making it the perfect option for newcomers and experienced vapers alike. No upgrades are pushed upon users; RELX keeps its promises.

The relx Infinity and Essential pod vapes share many similarities in design, battery capacity and charging options; however, we will address these discrepancies further down this post.


Propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine (VG), both acting as carriers for flavour and nicotine, make up the main ingredients in electronic liquids. Their respective ratios affect throat hit, cloud amounts, vaping experience and throat hit/cloud ratio ratios – the right one depends on your personal tastes and requirements – starter e liquids may be suitable for newcomers; shortfalls and nick salts provide stronger nicotine doses respectively;

Vaping can significantly lower the amount of toxic chemicals you inhale while simultaneously eliminating second-hand smoke and decreasing addiction risk. However, it is important to remember that even nicotine-free e-liquids contain some trace amounts of nicotine; additionally there have been incidents where batteries in vaping devices exploded leading to serious injuries or burns, so it is crucial that only reliable brands and safety precautions are utilized when vaping.


The RELX classic pod is a popular prefilled beginner vape around the world, featuring a discreet design and available in six different colours. It uses nicotine cartridges filled with propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine which are heated by an atomizer to produce inhalable vapour and is equipped with both a rechargeable battery and USB charger for convenient operation.

Relx Essential Vape Pod Kit is ideal for newcomers seeking a leak-proof device to simulate the experience of smoking cigarettes. Easy to use and offering multiple flavour choices to experiment with, Relx Pods feature cutting-edge firm material construction as well as award-winning technology that adds extra zest.

Relx Pods are closed systems designed to offer you a smooth draw every time. Their high nicotine concentration may help you cut back or quit altogether, and feature the latest version of FEELM which makes nicotine absorption simpler for your lungs. KUIT devices and pods feature FEELM to make nicotine absorption simpler as well.

Battery life

RELX batteries are built for durability, withstanding much abuse from repeated charge cycles, but even they can wear down over time. To get the best performance out of your RELX battery, charge it before it runs completely dry and keep it away from heat and moisture sources.

Additionally, to protect your RELX device from damage and make sure it looks its best, consider investing in one of their protective cases available for all RELX devices – these come in different colours to fit with any style! Additionally, Vale Vape is an authorized retailer offering savings opportunities with every purchase made through them.

RELX Infinity and Essential pod kits are great starter options for new vapers, with simple set-up and prefilled e-liquid pods included. Both offer a 3.7V internal cell, fast charging USB port, sleek compact design and compatible RELX Pro Pods prefilled with 1.9mL nicotine salt e-liquid in different flavours – an easy and hassle-free vaping experience!


RELX device is an easy and user-friendly closed pod system featuring disposable pods prefilled with e-liquid, making it great for beginners who don’t want to deal with refilling or changing coils themselves. Furthermore, RELX’s advanced atomizing technology outshone Jull’s.

The Royal College of Physicians recently asserted that electronic cigarettes are significantly safer than their tobacco counterparts due to not producing smoke, ash, or tar which could pose health hazards; additionally they don’t contain harmful chemicals linked to popcorn lung.


RELX has taken steps over the last three years to ensure its products are safe by creating five advanced laboratories. These laboratories focus on guaranteeing product quality while pushing scientific boundaries; additionally, 200 tests are run before any product hits the market and ISO eight cleanrooms are utilized at its manufacturing facilities – this explains why RELX devices tend to have lower risks of leakage compared with similar brands.

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